Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Audrey Inspired Every Day Eyes

The other night I watched the 1954 classic Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn.  I have always been drawn to Audrey's seemingly effortless grace and beauty.  I think the reason that Audrey captivated the world (and still holds it captive), is that she embraced simplicity and enhanced her best features.  She didn't try to be Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Her aesthetic choices (clothes, makeup, hairstyle, etc.) highlighted her best physical features, and the simplicity of these choices made room for her unique personal vibrancy.  Though most of us don't have the benefit of a working relationship with the likes of Hubert de Givenchy, or a 20" waist, I'd like to think that as women, as a sort of birthright, we all have some share in this mysterious allure. So let's not fret that we don't have the best features of this or that person, but find our best features and celebrate them in a way that allows our inner and outer beauty to shine.

Now, must of us ladies have uniquely gorgeous eyes. In Sabrina, Audrey wears very simple eye makeup that really accentuates and emphasizes her eyes. Lately I have been using a version of this look as my go to "everyday eye." The application only takes about two minutes.

1. Eyeliner: Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge, beginning thin and getting slightly wider gradually to the outer edge. I use Maybelline's Define-a-Line in ebony black.

2. Mascara: Apply two coats to the upper lashes. I use Lash Blast very black.

3. Apply under eye concealer, if necessary. I always have under eye circles (everyone has blood vessels around their eyes, but some of us have thinner skin than others, hence the area appearing darker perpetually), so I use Cover Girl Smoothers Concealer Stick. Just smooth under the eye, and blend a bit with your ring finger (because it applies less pressure). I keep my CG concealer in the refrigerator; it seems to provide greater coverage for a longer period of time when applied at a lower temp, plus it feels nice!

And there you have it, the Audrey inspired every day eye! This post doesn't seem complete without some eye candy (pun intended) of Audrey herself:


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