Monday, November 26, 2012

A Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Part II

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I bet you are ready for Part II of the Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Chic Wrapping and Presentation [for next to nothing]. You may have to do a bit of modification based on the gifts you have chosen, but here are the basic ingredients: 

Glue Stick
Index Cards
Standard white envelopes
Red Sharpie (or even just a red crayon)
Roll of Kraft Paper
Twine or Ribbon
Optional: Boxes (again, depending on what you have chosen to give, you probably have some sort of boxes around the house that can be used)

my supplies

I am guessing that you will have most of these items in your home already, except maybe the Kraft paper and the twine/ribbon. Kraft paper comes in rolls and is often used to wrap packages for mailing. In my experience, cheap wrapping paper (think dollar store) feels cheap. Kraft paper looks and feels classic, but is cheap (you can find it at the dollar store). I have used twine, also for a classic package feel, but if you go with ribbon, I suggest picking some up while you are at the dollar store. Stick with one color; simplicity is elegant.

The How-To

Gather your gifts and wrap them in the Kraft paper, just like you would wrap anything else. 

For bottles, I suggest cutting a strip of the paper and taping it around the bottle to hide the label (see below).

For the Love List or the coupons, place them in a regular white envelope. Cut out a rectangular piece of the Kraft paper and glue it to the front of the envelope. You will be putting a number over this paper, so size it accordingly (just look at the pic below and you'll catch my drift).

Create a label for each gift. Simply cut 6 index cards in half and number them. You can copy my numbers below (Freehand, or you can click on the image, and then right click to download the numbers to print). Feel free to do so, or get creative on your own. I think Roman numerals would also look very cool (and they are easy to write). Need to brush up on your Roman numeral skills? See this chart.

the numbers. nothing too fancy. 

Affix a number label via glue stick to each gift. Et voila, it's as easy as that!

And the final product:

And a little bonus: my Love List heading.

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