Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes: My Post Process

So I will be joining Jen again this week for 7 Quick Takes...

I am constantly asking myself how other bloggers do it. How do they consistently create written content while managing homes and/or an outside job and children and husbands and all those other elements that life is made of?  In a word, what is their "process"? Then I thought maybe some of you out there are wondering what my process is. Well, folks, today is the day you find out.

In the morning I put a notebook and pen out on the table. As I go about my business of tidying, feeding, diapering, you know, the whatnot of caring for my three children under four, I jot down ideas as they hit me.

A back section of said notebook is random to-do lists and thoughts regarding the blog. The front of the notebook is where the magic happens. Every time I have a post idea I jot it down at the top of a fresh page. At any given time there are many such pages going.

I use that "post page" to brainstorm, record research, and make a [sometimes very] rough outline.

I use my phone to do online research piecemeal throughout the day when I have an odd moment here or there, and I glance through relevant books while the kids play.

I set aside two hours one or two evenings each week, in addition to a naptime or two, to do the actual writing.

Working off the post page and relevant webpages that I've bookmarked, I sit down and start writing. Whether or not I feel confident in the opening or the direction of the post, I force myself to write for 20-30 minutes. Usually by then the wheels are turning. I may need to tweak what I have, but having something is the key to confidently creating a great post. I use the rest of my writing time to finish the post and polish it.

If you are a writer and/or blogger I would love to hear about your process!
Have a great weekend all!

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