Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guest Post: Blush Up Your Skills!

Today we are joined by Sarah Hoyt, a friend of mine from college days at FUS. She is an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Let's give her a virtual round of applause!

Thank you, Mary, for allowing me to be a guest on your blog! My job is all about consulting women on how to bring out their natural God-given beauty through the avenues of skin care and cosmetics. ​So today, I want to give you some tips on blush - everything from choosing the right color for your skin tone to brush technique and application.

The first tool you need is a good, natural bristle brush that has a slight angle to the tip. You want this angle because it provides a natural contour that matches with the shape along your cheekbones.

The next step is looking at your cheek structure and determining whether your cheeks are more prominent or if your face shape is quite slender. You will find various schools of thought as far as where your blush should be applied, but I have somewhat simplified it. Here is my rule: if you have a rounder/ cheekier face, you most likely do not want to put blush right on the apples of your cheeks because it will accentuate that roundness.  If your face is very narrow and your cheeks are not prominent, then the apples are a great place for blush!

Here is a visual for you:

blush on cheekbone line

blush on apples

Blush application on the apples of your cheeks is done in a circular motion on the center of your cheeks.  However, most peoples face shape is better suited for the cheekbone area, so when in doubt, apply on your cheekbones. Here is how you find your cheekbones: Make a fish face, and start at your temples and in a crescent shape start angling in towards the center of your face. So to apply your blush you want to start towards your temples with the tip part of your brush pointing to your hairline and start blending down in the crescent shape towards your cheeks.  Avoid getting close to your nose!

Lastly what I would like to teach you is what blush color your should choose for your skin tone. If you have Ivory skin: here are colors you would want (these are Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colors, but you can find similar ones!):

If you have Beige skin:

If you have Bronze/Ebony Skin:

So hopefully what I have shared with you all today is NEW and helpful! For those of you who never dabble in the blush world, I highly encourage you to play with it;  it can really add great contouring to your face and highlight those beautiful features God has given you!

Thank you for your time, and I am giving Mary this Limited Edition Color Quad from our Hollywood Mystique Collection for one special winner! This is great because it can be used for both eyeshadow and blush, and is great for any skin type! Enter to win below!

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