Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little Love at Trevi

Happy St. Valentine's Day! In honor of this day of love, I would like to share with you some photos that my sis Elizabeth took (all except the first one) around Trevi Fountain in Rome. For those unfamiliar, Trevi Fountain is a quite large Baroque fountain that was constructed in the 18th century. It is visited by thousands of people every year, and legend has it that those who throw a coin (or three) into the fountain will one day return to Rome. 


Aren't they sweet? Thank you, Liz, for sharing these! 


  1. Lol, I would never think to take pictures of feet, but these are adorable! Happy Love day! :)

  2. These are wonderful!! Such a great idea :)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I'll make sure Liz sees your comments!

  4. Thanks Ladies, I think they tell us something about love and fashion... or at least attraction and fashion.


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