Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Save Yourself Some Green

I know that is such a corny title, but I couldn't help myself! Many of us are on budgets, and it's a good thing, because knowledge is power, and discipline and responsibility are beautiful things (though often in kind of a harsh way, like the taiga in winter....). And maybe your budget is tight because you are doing great things - hammering away at that student loan debt, making it on one salary, or staying independent despite a reduced income, all of which feel great on one level, and yet... There is something about holidays (next up: St. Patrick's Day, Easter) and changing weather that makes sticking to a budget more arduous and uncomfortable than usual. So, here are seven things, quick takes, if you will, to let off a little steam without breaking the bank.

Stay in for St. Paddy's Day (Sunday, March 17). Instead of a pub crawl, end your weekend with a relaxing pot of traditional Irish potato soup, a loaf of fresh sourdough or soda bread and a six-pack of Great Lakes Brewing Co. Conway's Irish Ale. Snuggle in and enjoy a movie with some good ol' Irish humor and charm, such as Waking Ned Devine (available on Hulu). Don't have a Hulu subscription? Get a free one week trial here.

Though it is snowing here in Buffalo, spring is in the air, and soon (hopefully!) it will be sandal season. No money for a pedicure? Grab a pumice stone and some vaseline (both $1 at the dollar store). In the shower, run the pumice over the bottoms and sides of your feet. Smooth some vaseline over the rough spots and throw on a pair of old socks before jumping into bed. Your feet will look amazing in no time!

Did you clean out your closet already? Before throwing out those worn jeans, check to see if any of them would make good candidates for a DIY pair of cutoff shorts (thanks, Natalie, for bringing this link to my attention!). It's like new clothes for free!

Since we are talking about clothes... Are you looking for something new to wear for Easter or tofreshen up your spring wardrobe? Why don't you take some of the things you've decided to get rid of to a place like The Clothes Mentor, sell them, and then get something new to kickstart your spring look? For you local readers, the Amherst location is having a "Ladies Night" on Sunday, March 24th from 5-7 p.m. There will be complimentary wine and appetizers, and 20% off your entire purchase. Maybe I'll see you there! 

Get scheming for spring. That's right. You heard me. Start thinking about little projects that you want to do to create a space outside (for when the weather gets nice enough to actually hang out there). As the weather gradually warms, people in your neighborhood will begin cleaning out the shed and/or garage, getting rid of old planters, patio furniture, stones, wooden beams (for real, I saw it last year), etc, etc. Their trash may be your treasure if you know what you are looking for. I myself am on the lookout for some old hanging baskets, so I can make this easy [AWESOME!] outdoor chandelier.

Right now Google play has Sinatra's I've Got the World On a String as a free download. Thank you, Frank, for reminding us that when you have love, you have everything.

And this last one, it's just shameless self promotion. Check out my guest post on the LBD over at Life in Mod!


  1. I still have not cleaned out my closet. You know why I'm scared? I'm afraid it'll take soooooooo long. I'm not sure when I can create 2 hours of uninterrupted time!

    1. I totally understand, Dweeja! Let my just say that when I did it the kids were in bed and there was alcohol involved :)

  2. Did you see goop's article on cleaning out your closet? It was extremely helpful! I think I pinned it... :)

    1. I haven't! Thanks for the heads up! Pinterest here I come...

  3. That's one thing on my to-do list soon is clean out my closet!
    That potato soup sounds yummy!


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