Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guest Post: Natalie from CEVIchion

Today we are joined by the lovely Natalie. She puts together the best outfit boards over at CEVIchion, so I asked her to weigh in with some Easter outfit inspiration. She obliged, and I must say, she didn't disappoint. Enjoy!

What2Wear: Easter Edition

It’s finally time to break out of the winter coma!  Easter is the beginning of the Spring Transition.  It can still be pretty chilly around Easter so we can’t hop into a sundress just yet.  And since it is a wonderful day to celebrate, let's dress up a bit.

Easter Mass: Dress // Necklace // Bangles // Booties
Simply Classic: Blouse // Cardi // Skirt // Earrings // Heels
Brunch: Blouse // Capris // Belt // Necklace // Flats

1. Dress it up with something classy and perfect.  A simple pale dress with pearls (favorite set from J.Crew Factory Outlet), bangles and for a punch of fun: lace booties.

2.  Button it down with a fun pattern, keep it chic with a bright pencil skirt and throw on a lightweight cardigan that compliments both.  Since this outfit can be taken as more conservative, make it fun with metallic accessories.

3.  Brunch is the best meal of the day.  And brunch is even better on Easter Sunday.  So throw on a bright easy top with navy capris and some studded flats. Finish it off with a nude belt and a thick necklace over the shirt.

Happy Easter!


  1. Those booties... I'm in love! Actually I like everything on this page. So impressed.

  2. I'll take all three to go, please! :)

  3. All these outfits are great, but the shoes...OH the SHOES!!

  4. Thank you for the comments, ladies! I've go to say, I love those heels in the center!

  5. must have the middle outfit!!! so darn cute!
    so mary, i tagged you (again) in a five random things post -
    type some up if you have time and if not, that's okay too!
    p.s. i got 20 minutes alone in a local goodwill the other day in prep for your thrift store link-up and i'm so excited to share my tip(s) and finds!!!!!

    1. Sheena, the middle outfit would look amazing on you, those colors make me think of you. And, I will do the "5 Things" I just read yours, you set that bar pretty high (rap group, what?!)! And... can't wait for your link up post!

    2. haha! oh yeah, way high... ;)

  6. Mary - thank you again for letting me guest post! I also included you on the 5 Things but feel free to use Sheena's 5 Things as mine too, unless you want to do 10 : )


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