Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Non-Maternity Nesting

Lately (okay, maybe the last two years), I have been loving grays and tans, separately and together. Also, I have been wanting to tweak my bathroom a bit, without a big time and money investment. You know how it is, you just feel the need to change things up a bit every now and then. I was trying to think of a more accurate term than "nesting" because it doesn't happen only when pregnant, and I'm not pregnant, but I couldn't, so let's parenthesize it and go.The before: 

On Saturday I set myself a limit of $50, and headed out to make a few purchases based on the color palette you see below. The purchases:

Gray Shower Curtain ($20)

Gray Handsoap Dispenser ($2)

White Crinkle Voile Curtain ($2.50, thrifted)

Vanilla Scented Candle ($1)

Ansel Adam's Print ($2 thrifted frame, print from old calendar)

Total: $27.50

Just a few notes: It's a really rainy day here, so the pics don't accurately convey the color of the floor; it's an off white (not yellowish). The tile inside the shower / tub area is "Old Cobblestone." For a date sometime in the near future, I'm predicting some higher than children can reach wall shelves.  And finally, I plan to paint that old changing table as soon as the weather turns warmer and drier. I'm thinking "Stardust."

Nothing too drastic, just a little something to freshen things up. What do you do when you get the "nesting" (maternity or not) bug?


  1. I like the updates! I also tend toward your color pallet. :) On a side note, so cool that you have room for a changing table in the very practical and a good use of space.

  2. THanks, Diana! Yes, it is so very convenient, especially when you have an infant who will just lay there (strapped of course : ) and look around while you shower.

  3. what a great update! I bet it makes you happy every time you walk in there!

  4. It does! It's so funny that you say that; it's so true! :)

  5. It looks TOTALLY different! And I'm super impressed that you did it for under $30! :)

  6. Putting the changing table in the bathroom is...BRILLIANT. We have itty bitty bathrooms, and actually no changing table, so we change on a pad on top of a moose (rug) on the floor :D.
    The transformation looks great; I am also so impressed at how different it is for such a small amount. I especially love the crisp and clean and...white!

  7. wa! so cool that you have room for a changing table in the very practical and a good use of space. and this only 30$..

  8. I love it; the new color palette totally transforms things and looks so sophisticated! Can you tell me more about that beautiful wall sculpture of Mary and Jesus??

  9. Thank you, Stephanie! I'm sorry that I can't be much help. My husband and I found the sculpture at a local antique shop. It is carved wood, and there is no label or marking on it : ( I love it, too. One of the best $2 I ever spent!


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