Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dressing for Date Night...

Image Created Via Polyvore: Tank // Jeans // Clutch // Heels (leather - on sale!) // Mascara // Smoky Eyes

Image Created Via Polyvore: Dress // Shoulder Bag (leather - a steal!) // Sandals // Earrings // Cuff // Lip Color

I love, love, love date nights! They are a much appreciated break from the day to day routine, and a great time to reconnect away from stresses and distractions. However, there can be angst over the universal question, "What to wear?!" The answer depends, of course, on the date's destination but there are some general tips that can make the decision process part of the fun.

Consider the end goal of the date night outfit. I think it's safe to assume that we all want to be comfortable, be ourself, and look and feel damn good. Use these factors as criteria for whether or not an item makes the date night cut.

Know your style, and then kick it up a notch. This is the key to a great date night outfit. What do you like and look good in for everyday life? I don't wear frilly anything in my regular wardrobe because it feels off, so a frilly cocktail dress probably isn't going to be my date night go-to. I feel best when I take the simple styles and clean lines I always gravitate toward, and add something special.

Add something special. This means different things for different people. For me, hair styled down, smoky eye makeup, and heels all signify it's not a trip to the playground. Some days, if I am out and about I will wear one or two of these things, but usually only special events get all three (see Exhibit A). That's just me. Other possible "special somethings" are a swipe of gorgeous lip color, some amazing accessories, a spritz of perfume, or going monochromatic. Find your perfect date night combination.

What is your favorite date night look?


  1. Mary, I love both of these outfits!!!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Polyvore is so fun to play with!

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  4. I love dressing up jeans with heels and accessories:) love the nude heels and bag in that first pic! My go-to date night outfit is a dress though... I feel pretty, oh so pretty"!

  5. Approaching a hot date this weekend! Thanks for the pertinent tips!! And how do I begin with lipstick? I NEVER wear lip "stuff," this mama has a big lip that I'm afraid of accentuating :)

    1. In my dreams : ) We are due for one, if only the stars and everything else would align. le sigh. And, Ann, you honestly have the best lips. If I had those babies, I'd accentuate them everyday of the week! I wore lipstick for the first time ever last fall. Here is a little bit I did for beginners like me.


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