Monday, May 13, 2013

The Weekend...

11- 12 MAY

Continuing on with this week's Weekend Diaries...

For all of last week's nice weather, this weekend was cold, rainy, and windy. There were storms, hail; it was a veritable atmospheric wailing and gnashing. But that didn't stop us. I attended the pinning ceremony for my wonderful sister-in-law, Nicole,who just finished nursing school. We are all prouder than words can say. Enquiring minds may see above for what I wore (which was also what I wore Sunday). Please politely ignore the face-to-leg tan disparity.  

My sister Liz also graduated this weekend. Though I wasn't able to make it to Steubenville, I was there in mind and spirit. And again, prouder than words can say.

Saturday we had a friend over for dinner. There is nothing better than good food, drink and conversation when the weather is blustering outside. The topics ranged from beer to hipsters to the slight absurdity of documenting food and drink on social media (don't worry, I see the irony!). Our guest left us with a copy of A Canticle for Leibowitz. While I must say I'm not much for science fiction or post-apocalyptic anything, he made it sound so enthralling that I can't wait to dive in!

In addition to the graduations, there was also Mother's Day, obviously. My sweet husband kept surprising me with little treats, from him and the kids, of course: sushi for dinner, an assortment of microbrews, my favorite artisanal bread and other baked treats, a hanging basket of begonias... He knows the way to my heart!

I hope that everyone else had a nice Mothers Day, especially you, Mom! You know who you are...


  1. Classy as always :) I like the camel sweater/pencil skirt.

  2. I like the photo collages you've been posting. I need to learn how to do that . . . .

    1. Thanks , Laura. It's the free app called "Collage." Ridiculously easy. I was having all sorts of problems getting collaged images from the editing program Pages into blogger, and i downloaded the app one day in desperation. Best move ever.


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