Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day

I have a confession to make: I'm not very good at holidays. They always seem to sneak up on me, as do birthdays, and any other day in which a gift and/or card is the appropriate response. It's not lack of love, or disdain for gift giving. I love giving gifts so much that if I find a great one, I give it right away. I can't wait. So I guess I'm not good at coordinating. Whatever the issue, here it is, Wednesday, and I want to pick your brain about Father's Day.

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How do you make Father's Day special in your family?

 Do you have a Father's Day tradition? 

What is your best Father's Day gift idea? 

Please, lay it on me!


  1. Eek! This one has snuck up on me too! Growing up we used to go out for breakfast to my dad's fave place. I think we'll probably be found eating out after morning Mass this Fathers' day too! :)

  2. These days sneak up on me too. I like to try and make holidays special and give sentimental gifts, but I don't think that's really my husbands love language. :) So I'm putting more thought into all the meals that day and making something we don't usually eat. He also loves bacon and this is kinda silly but I ordered him some maple bacon popcorn.

  3. We don't celebrate. I know, I know. We're bah humbugs. ;-) We don't do Mother's Day either for the record. Or any other holidays (beyond religious ones, I mean). We try to follow the idea of celebrating one another everyday. So, we surprise each other with gifts or little treats throughout the year. Our children sort of picked this up from us, and they will spontaneously do things like breakfast in bed for us. Of course this means that sometimes we'll wake up to a destroyed kitchen and toast with honey and tuna(!?).

  4. We keep gift giving pretty simple! Homemade cards, an intentional breakfast (instead of, ready, set, go! Grab something quick before the next eruption/toddler fight happens!) :) an afternoon glass of wine while the kids play in the tiny pool for three minutes before someone wants there swimsuit off again! A demonstration of extra efforts...making sure the kids make daddy a card, etc.


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