Monday, July 1, 2013

29-30 June


Ah, another weekend come and gone!  And honestly, I'm okay with that! I'm one of those people who does a first trimester exit countdown. I realize that lots of women don't shed the yucky feelings as the weeks pass, but I've been blessed in that way three other times. I'm keeping my hopes high!

So what did you do this weekend? Saturday we threw a joint birthday party for my nephew and my son. It was at my sister-in-law's house, and it was very low key. No bounce house and pony rides, just pizza, wings, cake, ice cream, and piñata. Less stress for parents equals less stress for kids. Look at that pic of V in her party hat. I included it because I want you to see how cute Heather's house is. Totally kid and guest friendly, and beautiful. If you want more pics, check out this past post she did on their homeschooling area.

Sunday we walked to Mass and then spent the rest of the day doing odds and ends. I finally potted the herbs my husband snagged for $1 each at the Farmers Market. My neighbor is moving and she put this lovely dresser out for the taking. I'm a little shy about curb shopping, but with my husband's encouragement I ventured over with a smile and a tape measure. It fits our space, so we spirited it up onto our porch before any other treasure hunters could nab it. The finish is very worn, so it definitely needs some refurbishing (which will probably have to wait until I'm not pregnant), but the quality is good, and the lines - awesome.

I also finished this memoir, Summer at Tiffany (Marjorie Hart), which is about two Iowa co-eds who get summer jobs at the famed jeweler Tiffany. It takes place at the end of WWII. Not the most thrilling of narrative styles, but a fun, quick read. And completely coincidentally, I promise, I made this three strand statement necklace. I am not a do-it-yourselfer, so I am pretty proud with the way it turned out. I took apart two old necklaces, a bracelet, and two pairs of earrings that were all broken in some way, but had sentimental value, and mixed them into the creation you see above. The necklace is very heavy, and I'm worried about the integrity of the clasp mechanism, so I'm thinking about redoing it using three separate chains (also already in the archives from who knows what). I'll keep you "posted" (hehe).


  1. You know what? You're the best. I am humbled by your kindness:)The party was so fun, and I agree with whomever said we should have a pinata at every family event from now on! lol! (I think it was Joe's suggestion).
    Also the world should know that you make the most delicious cupcakes! The ones with strawberries and cream cheese frosting were amazing.
    I really like the dresser! Very mod looking - perfect for you. And the necklace? Seriously?? Beautiful. I am always in awe of your resourcefulness, honestly. You have a gift.

  2. Love the necklace and that dresser looks awesome....can't wait to see pictures of the updated look!

    1. Thanks,Mona! I hope we get to it sooner rather than later!

  3. I just love that you drink coffee in a pretty white cup and saucer. Some time you will have to give a tutorial on how you make your coffee. Always look delicious!


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