Friday, July 5, 2013

Bags on a Budget

If you joined us on Wednesday, you may remember that I promised to show you my seven favorite bags on a budget. Well. It's really hard to narrow something like favorite and bags down to just seven, so I may have to modify my claim to "seven bags that I really like!" Here they are, in no particular order... 

Latico Dannie Two Tone Tote (also in black/grey) - $69.94 (!!!)

Cole Haan Haven Tote - $149-$248 (depending on color choice)

Perlina Farah Tote - Red or White: $139 (Black: $119 here)

Fossil Zoey Tote - $130.99 (other colors available)

So what do you think of my selections? Bags on a budget is turning out to be quite the topic; come see me in the next few weeks for more tips on where to find a deal, and how to find the bag that's right for your body type.

Have a great weekend everyone, and head on over to Jen for more "sevens"!


  1. I really like #7. Maybe I could use that "file pocket" for diapers...ha!

  2. I love all of these Masha!!!

  3. So I wanna give a review for #7 since it is currently attached to my body and I just received it in the mail yesterday ;)
    It smells WONDERFUL!!! The smell of the leather is like walking into a Western tack (for riding horses) store! I really like the two-toned aspect of the bag as well, but, one can see that in the pictures.
    It's a lot larger than I expected. I'm not really used to big bags, but, I'm happily getting used to it :) I was really happy when I pulled it out of the box to see how big it was.
    The inside is fairly basic, two pockets, one on each side, mostly roomy enough. The larger pocket has the zipper. The bag itself zips (these things are probably all apparent from the pictures, lol) too, which is nice. The zipper is pretty quality.
    I love how the straps are made out of the leather; it helps with the conservative look the bag has. So far everything seems to be balanced well in terms of actually using it, with books inside and stuff. It's definitely big enough for a small laptop to be inside.
    The latch for the side leather pocket seems to have been made under circumstances where they were trying to save money, and so it's just a stud that goes through a hole in the leather. The verdict is still out on how well this holds the straps for the bag when the top is folded over. But I'm still pleased about the option.
    But at least it shows there is supposed to be one so I know how it is attached if I find one :)
    So, a three out of four stars :D
    ~ A pleased blog reader :D

    1. Clara, I SO appreciate your feedback. THANK YOU! I'm glad that you like it. If I were you, I would contact the seller and request (read - insist) on the missing strap. I have never purchased from that particular seller, but they have good reviews which seems to indicate they aim to please their customers. Again, thank you for leaving the feedback; this is the best part of blogging, the fruitful exchange with readers! Have a great weekend!

      PS Sorry that I didn't respond sooner. We were out of town for my brother's wedding and I didn't have internet access. I'm sure I'll tell all about it on the blog : )

    2. I did after I posted the above, and I've been assured I'll have the third part of the "three-way" by Friday :)
      It was an interesting, but smooth and efficient process. Evidently, Amazon has no phone number (that we are supposed to know about) and the day after I got the bag, my FUS email and access to almost all computers on campus, finally expired without warning. Fortunately I realized I could talk on the phone at the same time while using the like, one working computer in the JC ... and the idea worked! I wasn't questioned (like, overly so ...) on my identity for claiming to have lost access to the account and the password, and they created a way for me to make a new one to contact the seller ... who sounds like he is writing from China, but is very helpful :)
      It's definitely worth fixing a transaction if there is a way to do it.


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