Monday, August 19, 2013

17-18 August

Weekend Diaries

Hello everyone! How was the weekend? Did you happen to catch Grace's post yesterday, Highs + Lows? If you didn't, check it out, and don't forget to read the comments. It's a nice reminder that life is never purely one or the other (high or low).  For anyone.
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Friday afternoon we had a visit from the dishwasher repairman. Does your dishwasher leave the glasses sparkling and give the silverware a mirror like shine? No? Mine didn't either! The dishes were actually dirty, dirty, dirty even after a heavy wash. Not to mention the fact that the inside of the washer looked disgusting. Turns out that there was an easy solution. Skip the fancy dishwasher cleaner, and just run a cycle (or three, depending on the amount of buildup) with a cup of white vinegar dumped into the bottom of the empty dishwasher. The repairmen also suggested these cleaning tablets as the undeniably best of any cleaner and the only one that doesn't leave some residue. I'm a bit cheap, and also a bit skeptical; sure these work great, but only these?!  What dishwasher soap do you use, and, are you happy with it?

Also of note (no, I'm not being sarcastic), it's apricot, blueberry, and peach season here in Western New York. It was hard not to get greedy at the Farmers Market. This weekend's best pick was the donut peach (also called Saturn peach, see picture). Words fail.

The husband picked up the movie 42 on Saturday night. For those who don't know, it's the story of how Jackie Robinson broke the MLB color barrier with the help of Brooklyn Dodgers president and GM Branch Rickey.  It was good, but the true story and the men involved are so great and inspiring that the movie really should have been great. Does that make sense? That being said, this is a great date night movie, sure to please even those not at all interested in baseball or sports.

Ah, what else... We have finally jumped aboard the Duck Dynasty train. I like it. It makes me laugh, sometimes because it's ridiculous, sometimes because I can imagine portions of the dialogue issuing forth from the very mouths of certain members of my family. I like that the characters are country, and educated (they all have at least a bachelor degree, except Si).  It's also refreshing to see a real family that has stayed together through thick and thin, lives in the same area, and, despite the constant mutual ribbing, genuinely enjoys spending time together. I think most of us have families that are spread far and wide, and it's novel to experience anything different.

We haven't just been watching tv this weekend. Yesterday we celebrated my niece's seventh birthday with a surprise party that lasted much of the day. It was good to enjoy the warm weather out of doors, especially because... I've been seeing leaves on the ground for over a week. Colored, autumnal leaves.


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  2. mmmmmm those doughnut or Saturn peaches grow in Spain and they are my favorite fruit, I spent all my summers in Spain eating them, we call them 'paraguayas' (a female from Paraguay)...... why? I have no idea........

  3. Aren't they amazing?! I had never tasted them before this summer!

  4. Thanks for the dishwasher tip! I'm hesitant to shell out $ for those fancy shmancy tablets, too, but Cascade powder's just not cutting it. And I've done the vinegar rinse already. Thanks also for the movie recommendation. I'm always on the lookout for something Pat and I both can enjoy.

  5. All i have to say is this.... The Mr.Coffee coffee maker has not been working correctly... yesterday for Sunday brunch is brewed for a good 3 years... When I awoke this morning mom said she had looked in the owners manual, yes we kept it, and the only logical solution was calcium buildup. The manual suggested the mr. coffee coffee pot cleaning solution or 4 cups of undiluted vinegar. Mom asked me to run the cleanse and after reading the direction and putting the vinegar in to brew i went upstairs. I returned to the pot about an hour later to find both the water window and the pot empty. I called upstairs, "Gin, did you empty the vinegar?" She had not. Wow, what a cleanse --evaporated into thin air. So confused but still following directions i poured the remaining cup of vinegar in for the "here we go-deep clean cleanse," when all of a sudden my feet where getting wet. Turns out there was a soaking wet stand beneath the coffee maker and a hole in it as well... a hole right where you pour the water in. It might have been a random hole once sealed and then the seal broke...or perhaps the vinegar cleansed right threw the plastic. You decide. Let me know if your dishwasher starts washing the kitchen flour.

    1. That's so funny, Liz! But sorry about your coffee maker :(

  6. We've been wondering whether or not to jump on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon....hmmm.... And you're right, when I am enjoying (or not) the high/low peaks of life, it helps hearing others' stories in order to reframe my thoughts into the world of reality, instead of being fixated on the world of highs/lows....does that make any sense? :) miss you, friend!!

  7. Just a quick note...We use Sam's generic gel dishwashing detergent. We don't get spots but it also might depend on the type of water you have whether you get spots or not. Anthony's dad told us never to use powder detergents because they can build up in your lines, causing your lines to get plugged, causing your dishes (and dishwasher) to not get as clean. And that's all I know about that. :)

  8. We used to have terrible hard water, and the only thing that would cut it was vinegar. I still use just regular generic powder in the dispenser, but about a cup of vinegar in the bottom. I use vinegar for everything, though :)
    Your first comment about highs/lows--if I can ever get my nook to work right again, I am going to read Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist. She compares life to nature--there's rarely sweet without the bitter. So interesting!


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