Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wardrobe Building: My Fall Maternity Capsule

Here in Buffalo we have had a few weeks of cool weather (down as low as 50 at night!) and my mind has turned to warmer dressing. Personal stylist that I am, I decided to plan my fall maternity wardrobe. Here is how I did it, and what I ended up with. I hope this helps as you start your own fall planning!

First, I made a Pinterest board of things I like, focusing especially on maternity styles. It became obvious very quickly that I wanted lots of dark neutrals, streamlined looks, and structure around the face (think scarves, necklaces, interesting collars).

Next, I pulled out my bin of maternity clothes that I have collected over the last three pregnancies. I mercilessly discarded anything that was worn out. I also pulled out lots of bottoms that I just haven't worn since my first pregnancy. I gained a bit more weight the first time around (mainly because I wasn't always chasing toddlers), and have kept these pants "just in case." Well, I haven't needed them thus far, and they are taking up too much space. I created a pile to consign at a local maternity store. Hopefully I will make some $$ for my wish list!

Now that so many useless (to me) items were cleared out of the way, I could see that I had more great pieces than I originally believed. By working in some of my non-maternity items, I came up with an eight piece  (plus accessories and shoes) capsule wardrobe that should see me through the fall and into winter. Many of my items aren't available since they were purchased previously, but I have found similar versions, in case you want to replicate the look.


Wide Black Stretch Belt (this is just one choice, wide stretch belts are everywhere)
Fugu Malibu Booties (I just realized these are no longer available, somewhat similar here)


In addition to this capsule, I created a wish list of sorts, items that I need (new flats and full panel pants) or just want (statement necklace and watch). Now I know where to spend the money in my clothing budget, and my how to allocate any bonus cash that comes my way (come on consignment!).

The perfect black or camel pointy toe leather flat (picky, who me?!). My favorite flats wore out in the spring, and I want a pair with a pointed toe and a deep cut foot opening (think toe cleavage). Both features serve to elongate the the line of the body,  and give an elegant look to the foot. I like the look of the shoe below, the only problem is that the leather is vegan. The search continues.

A statement necklace.  I usually go very low key with accessories, but this wardrobe is super simple, and I want to draw attention up to my face. A statement necklace is a great way to do just that. The Banana Republic Silver Link Necklace is taunting me, but a word to the wise: Never pay full price at BR. They frequently have percentage off days, often up to 40% (couple that with the item going on sale, and hot damn!).

A man's watch. Not just any watch. I have my eye on my husband's Seiko Arctura Kinetic watch, which is a fool's dream because he wears it every day. Why a big watch? I have long arms and thin wrists, and a big ol' watch would draw attention to that feature, one of the few that doesn't expand as the weeks go by.

Dark wash jeans with a full belly panel. Once my belly reaches a certain girth, I just like the comfort of a full panel. I'm in the market for a great fitting pair in a really dark wash. And I want to be able to try them on before I purchase, so I'll probably hit up the local maternity places (meaning Old Navy, H & M, and maybe Motherhood) first. I've kind of got my eye on this pair, if the flare isn't too extreme and the wash is decently dark.

What do you think? Want to read more about budget wardrobe building? Check out these posts!


  1. I like it!
    Love that BR necklace...I have the Tiffany's Elsa Perreti bean that I wear all the time when I'm not pregnant, but it always feels way too dainty when I am pregnant and everything gets--er--large.
    What is vegan leather? Is it a nice way of saying fake leather? I keep seeing it everywhere...

    1. PS I am burning (literally?) with envy--yesterday was 98 degrees at EIGHT O'CLOCK. Something wrong with Texas...

    2. Hi Sarah! Yes, it's a big fat fake!

      I hope that it gets cooler for you! We only had about ten days of really hot weather. I'm not ready for winter yet (pregnant me and three kids stuck in this house?! no thanks!), but I do like cool nights.

  2. H Mary,
    I love the wardrobe! I'm selfishly glad that we're pregnant at the same time, because now I can ideas on how to style the bump!

    1. I'm glad! I just realized that maybe I should have noted that this capsule would work really well in a variety of color stories, that one needn't go as plain Jane as is my preference :)

  3. This was the first pregnancy I actually bought some maternity pieces and I am so glad I did. More comfortable and will last for more pregnancies. Love your choices. Those shoes are adorable!

    1. Thanks, Anna! I try not to spend too much (the pregnant body changes so quickly!) but having some maternity items does make life much more comfortable!

  4. Love this, Mary! Love the flat booties...and flats. I am hoping that the budget will allow for some nice maternity jeans this time around. :)


    1. Thanks, Cams! You'll have to keep us posted!

  5. Love it all and these are totally my colors - I'll try not to blatantly steal your whole look this fall :)


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