Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Favorite Basic Pieces

If you saw my fall maternity capsule wardrobe, or my regular mom uniform, you probably surmised that these are the clothes I wear most. The clothes for daily activities around the house and with the kids, trips to the playground and the grocery store. The look is polished casual, with comfort and function heavily in mind. But we all get out sometime, no matter how deep we are in the mommy trenches. Maybe you work part time, maybe you belong to a school or community committee, maybe church is a dress up affair, or maybe you want to step things up on date night. Whatever the case, we all need some clothes that go beyond the basics.

In my own experience, there are often two temptations for [mostly stay at home] moms in this department: either this aspect of dressing is ignored, which results in no options and panic for those special occasions, or too much is invested here, and too often in a sort of aspirational spending. I think the key to this dilemna is to find five basic pieces that can be mixed, matched (with each other and pieces from your casual wardrobe) and accessorized to keep you looking up to date and ready for anything.

To do an illustration of these five favorites, I have chosen a color story that really appeals to me - black, navy, white and blush - but there is an endless assortment of color combinations possible to meet other personal tastes and complexions. The five favorite basics are:

image via polyvore
A few words about the items I have chosen. The blazer and cropped trousers are both from Mango; the jacket has sold out since I made this set last night! There are lots of options out there, get thyself to polyvore and look around! When searching for a blazer that flatters, look for one that has a button at your narrowest point, fits well in the shoulders, isn't too long in the sleeves, and doesn't hit too low on the hips (this is especially important if you are a pear body type). Lined is better than unlined, but it all depends on your budget.

The pencil skirt is from Dorothy Perkins and is a steal at only $21! This is a fairly flattering silhouette more most body types, yet I think alot of young women haven't really tried the pencil skirt. I recommend purchasing one on the inexpensive side first to get an idea of how well it will fit into your life and existing wardrobe. The pencil really is versatile; you can wear it with a blouse or v-neck tee, a sweater (like the semi-cropped one above, also from Dorothy Perkins), or a blazer.

This sheath dress (available in navy, black and cream)  is also from Dorothy Perkins, and again, a steal at only $39! Very elegant in an understated way, the back features an exposed zipper, which I love, and can be dressed up or down, and layered under and over depending on the occasion and weather.

And finally, pointy pumps. I ran into this pair by Nine West at the local outlet mall and I couldn't believe how chic they looked at that price point - $79 online and even cheaper and $20-$30 cheaper at the outlet! They are real leather and available in ten colors! This particular pair has a three inch heel, but there are lower and higher options to suit personal preference. These shoes would look great with each of the three basic bottoms.

Though we are focusing on the five basics, I have included some accessories in the set just to give you an idea of how you could dress up your basics. Pearls are simple, elegant, and great looking cheap options are ubiquitous. I also really love cuff bracelets (see Polyvore set for links) because they are unfussy and bold, and can really tie an outfit together. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know how I feel about great bags. This gorgeous blush foldover bag from Zara is 100% leather and comes in at under $100 - my kind of bag.

What do you think? 

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