Friday, September 27, 2013

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First Date - Casual

Greetings all, Vince here again. I want to talk to all the single men out there. This post is really for you, so you’re welcome. This post is about how to dress for your first date. I am writing this in the context of a casual date (i.e. coffee/tea shop, walk in the park, casual brunch) which I believe all first dates should lean towards. So if you are planning on going to some fancy, Michelin star restaurant then wait for my next post.

So here you are, you’ve worked up the courage to get out of your seat and approach the young lady you’ve been staring at all day in the coffee shop/class/office/whatever. You may have said something along the lines of...

Hi there, my name is (insert name), I really like that book/painting/software program/coffee beverage too. I know this is a bit forward, but would you like to meet for coffee/a drink/book reading/laser tag/dinner/etc. on Friday? Really? Geez, that’s great, see you then.

Congrats, you’ve manned up and have succeeded 90% of the male race today.

Friday is a few days away (in this theoretical date world) and now might be a good time to take a step back and look at your personal style. However, I strongly warn against redefining your style at this point. If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, don’t go out and buy a bespoke three piece suit. Be yourself... but just be a little better. Let me explain. The girl you just asked out just said yes to you and not to some super- enhanced, superficial, GQ, quasi-you that rushes into the room in a dinner jacket and performs a dazzling song and dance routine a la Gene Kelly. She checked you out, thought about it for a bit and decided that she fancies you enough to spend her entire evening/morning/afternoon with

That’s right... you.

That does not give you the liberty to roll up in your ratty old flannel and mud-covered work boots. It means you take what you have, shine it up and/or make some refined modifications. For example – t-shirt and jeans guy I’m talking to you – ditch the t-shirt and throw on a washed, slim fit oxford cloth shirt. It’s still comfortable and I promise you will look great for the lady.

Whatever you end up wearing on the first date, wear with confidence. Nothing looks better on a man than that.

Still have questions? I made a table to make it easier for you. Keep in mind that these refined looks are available in most price ranges; it's the style, not the price, that's important.

Refine: Oxford Shirt (Old Navy, $29)
Refine: Shawl Sweater (American Eagle, $49) // Docker's Slim Cargo Pants (Nordstrom, $78)
Refine: Slim Fit Flannel (Club Monaco, $80) // Slim Fit Cords (Scotch and Soda, $119) 
Refine: Armani Jeans Slim Fit Polo (Van Mildert, $140) // Slim Chino (Mango, $60)


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