Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY: Chrome Cord Bracelet

Yesterday, I was looking for some batteries and I came across this chrome beaded chain (I think my husband bought it awhile back to replace a light pull in the basement). And I love it. It's so shiny. So chic. 

So I decided to make a bracelet out of it. And it was the easiest DIY. Ever. All you have to do is connect the end of the chain with the connector, and then wrap it around your wrist over and over. You can let it be a bit loose, or do as I did and kind of loop the excess around on the underside of the wrist to give it a snug fit.

Wear it alone. Or layer it. And guess what? It makes a great necklace too, again, alone or layered with a strand of pearls and whatever else you have on hand. You can see how I layered mine on Instagram (find me, I'm mboctor).

Project Supplies: 

Beaded Chain w/ Connector. The piece I used was about 9ft long. Home Depot sells it in 3ft and 12ft lengths for $2.97 and $5.98, respectively. Our local hardware store also carries it, and it is even cheaper. It is available in Chrome and a gold toned Brass finish. 


Connect the ends. Wrap around your wrist. 


  1. This is perfect. I have three silver bracelets but they don't look good together, and I don't like them alone either. This will help tie them together (like the rug in the Dude's room). By the way, your shepherd's pie the other day was beautiful!

  2. Awesome Mary!!! I'm off to grab a gold one!

  3. Really nice bracelet i like this post you hvave on this blog but i love cheap wristbands thank you for sharing it


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