Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Favorites

I'm going to link up with Hallie today for Five Favorites. Here we go, short and sweet...

This article from Verily is really well written, and has lots of insightful points into a healthy love of self and a balanced perspective. And the author uses this quote from Simone De Beauvoir “I tore myself away from the comfort of certainties through my love of truth—and truth rewarded me,” which I love. The truth really does set us free.

I love this French food and lifestyle blog. It is beautifully photographed and written. Mimi's recent post on chicken brought to mind something Julia Child said long ago (and I extremely paraphrase) regarding French cooking, and chicken in particular - the aim of the French cuisine is to make the chicken taste as "chickeny" as possible. Isn't there something delightfully metaphysical about that?

This is a really good article for parents, homeschooling or not, on the blindspots that are so easy to have  in the raising of children. The article is quite long, so I'll just direct you to my favorite part in case you're short on time - point number three on emphasizing outward form, especially the last two paragraphs. As temperatures drop the heated debates over hemline abate somewhat, but the author has a timeless insight into the problem of over emphasis on [outward] modesty.

This article has been floating around Facebook, so you may have already seen it... Entitled What You Don't Know About that Wild, Unruly Child, it's a good read for parents and non-parents alike. I think that we've all been both sort of "parent" (even if the kid isn't ours, but a family member or friend's child), the irritated one and the exasperated one. Just another good reminder that mercy is always the best option.

And finally, this business that my friend and her French husband and brother-in-law began last year. Blue Bike Tours offers small, personalized tours of Paris via bicycle. Whether you are visiting Europe with your family, or you are doing a year of study abroad, get thyself to Paris and let Havilah show you the beauty and friendliness of this wonderful city!

Okay, that wasn't as short as I intended, but that's never been one of my gifts...

P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment on this post if you would like to win these chopsticks. I'll choose a winner this evening at eight.


  1. Great articles. Some amazing points there. The one about the unruly child hits home for me in many ways. This is why the saying "Keep your eyes on your own work" is so important, because sooner or later we all end up under someone else's scrutiny, and it never feels good - no matter how old our children are. It still hurts. Mercy is definitely always the best choice.

  2. A veritable feast of readings! Thanks!

  3. I'd love to go on a bike tour of Paris! If I ever get over there, I'll look that business up. :)

  4. Great suggestions, Mary! And about Mimi. . . can that really be a person's life????????

  5. How did I miss this? I LOVE 3 and 4!


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