Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And Here We Are, Seven Weeks Later

The other day I put on a nice oxford shirt, and my three year old son noticed immediately, "Mom, are you going to the doctor's today?" Me: "No. Why?" He glanced at my shirt and repeated the question. 

Point taken.

I haven't done an outfit post in weeks and and weeks. Mainly because most of my clothes just don't fit; my maternity wear is too big, and my pre-maternity wear is too small. And the outfits that I have been rocking are very, um, basic.  Like this one below. Sweatshirt, jeans, flats.

Post partum is just difficult. I'm caught between two extremes. On one hand I just want to go into my closet and throw out all the things. Pants that don't button. Shirts that gape and pull. Things that are impossibly tight. I want different clothes and I want them now.

On the other hand... Experience tells me that things will eventually get back to my normal, or at least pretty close to it. And then I won't want a wardrobe of items that are two sizes too big. 

The problem is, a girl's got to get dressed today.

My solution is to find a few inexpensive hardworking pieces, and work them until more of my old items fit. I purchased some looser fit tops several weeks ago, a pencil skirt two weeks ago, and I'm hoping to get a new pair of jeans this weekend, probably from Old Navy (can't beat their prices and selection).

The Outfit:
This crew sweatshirt is really forgiving to the tummy area because of it's thicker fabric and boxier cut and is currently on sale for $4.97 (plus another 10% off online today only with the code ONSAVENOW)! Speaking of cut, if you are trying to hide a little pooch, I've learned that it is better to choose tops that are forgiving because of cut and not size. A more forgiving cut in your correct size = flattering. A very form fitting cut just worn two sizes too big = unflattering. 

Mossimo Skinny Jeans (similar)

Banana Republic Factory Flats (similar and similar)


  1. Great outfit, Mary! ...and you're looking marvelous for 7 wks PP. You are *so* right about the in-between time...I have lots of pieces in my wardrobe that don't fit me 75% of the time, it feels like, but then I'll want them for those few maternity or post-partuum weeks, won't I?! :)

    1. Thanks, Katherine! This go round I think I'm going to stick all my in between size post partum clothes in a bin and label it, and store it in the basement. Until next time : )

  2. I can't believe you're 7 weeks pp, Mary! You look amazing. And that's a great point about choosing tops for cut vs. size- I think that's a post partum "trap" I've fallen into quite a bit.

  3. HAHA! I have that exact same sweatshirt and I think Jacob would tell you that my day to day outfit is pretty much identical to what you're wearing. That sweatshirt, skinnies, and flats.


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