Tuesday, April 22, 2014

19-20 April


Happy Easter, everyone! Swinging in late with a Weekend Diaries post... Things are just starting to slow down from the holiday weekend. We didn't do any traveling or have any houseguests this year, but for some reason things seemed as busy as if we had. And I barely took any photos. No family pictures. No snaps of the girls in their matching dresses. No outfit photo for me (maybe I'll re-create it  for you at some future date). My hands were too full, metaphorically and literally, to hold the camera.

We were all a little dazed and confused when V woke the whole house early Easter morning.
At our parish, people bring flowers on Good Friday to throw on Christ's grave (represented in the church).
On Easter, parishioners are invited to take some home from the empty tomb.
Post consumption. I was surprised how much my kids love boiled eggs.

Modeling for a friend who is selling these beauts on e-bay. Anybody interested?
I know it's only a stage, but holidays rush by at full tilt. Baking, cooking, gathering with family, special clothes, small gifts. Not to mention the usual feeding, clothing, diapering, and general maintenance of all of our little dependents. 

Saturday was spent with final Easter preparations. Every year my sweet husband runs his secret errands in the morning. Now that we've been married a few years they aren't so secret, but even more appreciated and cherished. He always picks up blooming spring flowers  - lilies, tulips, hyacinths, or azaleas, at the the market. Chocolates from one of the many local candy stores, and other special treats to eat and drink. 

In the afternoon, we usually make it to Confession and then I run out to finish my last minute errands.  This year's included a new shirt for me and some final Easter treats for his basket. After a late-ish dinner, I put the kids to bed and got ready to prepare the kids' baskets. And then Damien woke up crying with a sore throat. And again fifteen minutes later, and again a bit later, and then again. Throughout the night.

Though he rallied Easter morning (truly surprising, considering how tired we were from his nocturnal fitfulness), by nap time he was obviously down for the count. So the husband stayed home with him while I took the others to the family gathering. No one's ideal Easter, but it turned out alright. The husband enjoyed the peace and quiet, and finished some small house projects with his invalid helper. Meanwhile, myself and my small companions enjoyed our time, eating and chatting and laughing, and eating some more.  

It looks like Damien's cold is going to make its rounds through all the kids, but it's okay.  O death, where is thy sting?

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