Tuesday, April 29, 2014

26-27 April

I'm not meaning to make this a habit, posting Weekend Diaries on Tuesdays instead of Monday. It just happens. When the baby was born, I made a resolution to put all things home first. In the past few months that has meant fewer blog posts in total, and more blog posts about the everyday things that are going on here. The food we're eating, the books I'm reading. More photographs from daily life.

It's been good. Freeing. I'm not feeling that anxiety that too often accompanies blogging. I don't care much about my stats. And I'm excited to take the time to grow as a writer and photographer rather than feel (self-imposed) pressure to post, post, post!

You also might be wondering (maybe?) if I've abandoned my activities as a personal stylist. Well... as all of you who own their own business know, it takes a lot of time and effort to get a new venture off the ground. After much thought and prayer, I've discerned that various factors in my life right now prevent me from jumping in wholeheartedly, in the way that success demands. Though it's hard to see a dream stall or change, I am truly grateful for all that I've learned in the field. And most importantly, I look forward to seeing how I can use this knowledge for the good of my fellow women in the future. Nothing is lost or without reason.

I won't talk your ear off anymore. The pics pretty much hit the highlight (in the children's eyes, at least) of our weekend- a visit to the zoo. V was most excited by the "panda" (a river otter), a monster (the big horned sheep pictured below), and the "sheep," which others know as gazelles. 

In other news, Edmond "grew out of his blanket" according to Damien, and the kids tried grapefruit for the first time. The girls couldn't believe that there was fruit that color of pink. Ahh, to have the wonder of a child! 


  1. haha, that is a hilarious description of the animals thru your daughter's eyes, esp. the sheep being a monster and the gazelle being the sheep ;) too funny!

    1. Yes, her commentary was the best part of the day!


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