Thursday, May 29, 2014

Choosing Calm Over Clutter

Before I really begin, I want to preface this little post with one very important point: Your clutter doesn’t bother me. Don’t be afraid that I would be a judgy mcjudgerson if you invited me over. Only my clutter bothers me, and here’s why.  My clutter taunts me, “Did you remember to pay that bill that was due on the 21st? Or was it the 15th? Does Veronica have dress shoes for Easter? She should fit in Hanna’s old ones, but where are they?! She must need new shoes. Where is that 50% off coupon that expires on Saturday? You need to put away the laundry. Good luck getting it into that stuffed dresser.”
Perfectly clean for a moment. Literally, a moment.
You get my drift. My clutter stresses me out. It darkly forebodes of important things lost or forgotten or unaccomplished. So that’s why I make an effort to keep things tidy and clutter to a minimum. I don’t succeed completely – complete success is a chimera – but any bit of effort bears rewards. So, ready for some tips? Head on over to This Felicitous Life to read more!


  1. I kind of feel like I'm looking at a room in my apartment right now...IKEA!!!! My girls love their table and flower light...
    But seriously, I love going to other people's messy houses and I hate being in my own :) Going to check out the article now!!

  2. thats exactly how i feel mary...but add in a big dose of crazy, anal retentiveness. still thinking i can have a perfectly clean house with 7 kids ages 8 and under the same way i did when i had no kids. gah. will i ever learn? maybe, or i will just give myself a nervous breakdown, whichever comes first. while i really do appreciate other people's decorating sensibility and it can be very calming to walk into a clutter free, put together house, on the flip side, it can be nice to have friends that don't care about that stuff at all...relieves the feeling of myself having to be 'put together' all the time and i can just relax, ya know.

  3. by the way, love the new thumbnail pic of you. pop of pink looks great ;)

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I know what you mean.... it gets to a point where somethings's gotta give, and if it isn't the standards, at least a little bit, then it's going to be somebody's sanity! It can be such a balancing act to care, but not care too much!


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