Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Self Portrait Project

I have decided to do a weekly photo dump for the Thirty-Day Self Portrait Challenge rather than Weekend Diaries, just for this month. This weekend I was, rather unfortunately (thinks me), struck down by a malicious migraine that still just won't let go. As a result, I missed two days of photos. To set things back on course, I'm going to pretend that I actually started the project on May 1, and go from there. 

So does anybody out there want to play along? It promises to be a profound experience. Already, only five days in, I'm pondering deep questions about how I really feel about my appearance and others' perceptions of said appearance.

I thought my time as a blogger had cured me of my long held belief (born of an awkward adolescence and certain features) that I wasn't photogenic, and that maybe I just wasn't attractive at all. Yet I've found myself hesitating to take self portraits on the spur of the moment, just as I am. Because I'm still afraid. Afraid of what the image will tell me. 

Aren't we women crazy creatures?! I can say that, and you can, too, if you're a woman. But keep it to yourself if you're not.

I've also been feeling creative growing pains. It's not so easy to capture repeated images of oneself, basically from a range that ends at arm's length, and still keep it interesting. Growing pains are always a good sign, though, always, so I'll take it.


  1. I think you are beautiful. :)

  2. That picture of Tiny One is so sweet and beautiful. What a face!

  3. You are extremely photogenic and take really beautiful photos! Your little guy's face is the best!!

  4. love the baby pic! My, what big, adorable eyes he has!

  5. We're so hard on ourselves, aren't we?! keep at it, girl! Love your pics! Does the iPhone have a time setting...maybe that would help with the arm-range problem you're feeling? :)


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