Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2-3 August


Can you believe it's August already?!

What's new for you? 

We've been spending a lot of time outside. Playing at the playground. Soccer practices and games. Scootering at the river, and running. Yes, I've started running again, or more accurately, run-walking. It's hard to keep the pace consistent when I've got a babe and three little scootering fools in tow, but its still enjoyable. I don't keep track of pace, time, or distance. I just want to enjoy the exertion of it and the pleasure of the process rather than turning it into a competition (with myself).  

I used to be hardcore and crazy when it came to exercise; I've avoided "working out" for five years because I'm so wary of getting sucked back into unhealthy attitudes. Maybe it's a blessing that the kids force me to be flexible... You can't get too competitive when you are constantly stopping to pick up acorns and other "treasures" ("Mom, look at this chapstick I found." The chapstick that was actually a used tampon. Even in the cleanest park, a mom has always got to be on her toes!)

In addition to our fitness endeavors, we've been enjoying the flavors of the season - fresh cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines. Watching nature up close: a robin built a nest, laid her eggs, hatched her young, and raised them up to flying age all in a hanging basket on the porch. Life is truly amazing. 

Also, there have been some less fun activities, like trying to save the book collection that got too damp in the basement. Not wet, just damp. The process of removing the mildew from so many books is so overwhelming that I wept. Maybe more than once. I've realized that the collection of books that I love needs to be severely culled. There are just too many to thoroughly dry and de- mildew. Sigh.

Have a great week!

Look, me in florals. I do get out of the all black now and again. And I still look the same :)

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  1. "Chapstick" gah!!! Sorry about your books! But happy for your blessed summer all the same.


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