Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Series on the Way...

Do you wish that you had more resources so that you could hire a personal stylist or buy the wardrobe of your dreams? Yes, I admit, that would be nice, but more money is not the only solution for a dysfunctional wardrobe, and not even necessarily the best solution.  I want to tell you that you have an even more valuable resource - yourself, your intelligence and your creativity. Looking your best is not some magical intuition, rather, it is first knowing yourself and knowing how to make what you've got look its best, and second, knowing how to plan a wardrobe that functions for you. I have already covered the first part in a series of four posts that you can find hereherehere, and here. If you really read, absorb, and apply the info that you find in these posts, you can truly be your own personal stylist!

Now for the second part... Maybe your closet contains a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which you can't really seem to meld into workable outfits. Maybe it is dominated by one or two colors, or maybe it has no apparent unity. Maybe you have tons of clothing that you never wear, and possibly don't even like. Once you know what really makes you look your best, it's time to intentionally build a wardrobe. Building a working wardrobe is a life long process, but I want to give you some pointers to set you on your way. Starting next week, keep your eyes out for a new series: Budget Wardrobe Building!

I'm a self taught style boss. You can be one, too.
[This photo is to indicate how fun it is to be your own style boss...]


  1. hear hear! love your pic, such a nice coat and simple, simple, simple, that's what style is!

  2. I love your blog and i am so ecited at this new series coming up! I would love to have you be my own personal stylist, so this will be so helpful!


    1. Thank you, Margo! I would LOVE to be your stylist; I guess this online method will have to do!

    2. Thanks Mary! Would you be able to give me some fashion advice? What would you wear with a cream lace top and cream wool sweater... Jeans? Should I spruce it up and wear a colorful floral skirt? (too summery?) thoughts?


    3. So fun! Could you email me a pic? My email is

    4. So I just realized that I sent all these pictures to you at the wrong email address... ! Well, someone had fun getting ideas for a new wardrobe!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm glad, Sarah! Wow, there is really interest... The pressure is on : )


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