Thursday, January 10, 2013

High Waisted Pants and Seeing Outside the Store

How do you feel about high waisted pants (why does that sound like some drug and/or alcohol reference...)? Personally, I like them, because they can do two great things to one's figure. First, because they hit at the narrowest point of the waist, they give the illusion of a tiny waist and a more hourglass-like figure. Secondly, they extend the line of the leg more than any other cut, giving the illusion of height and legs that don't stop. Add a pair of heels, and you've got the next best thing to growing a few inches and shedding a few pounds! 

As much as I love said pants, I usually have a difficult time finding the proper fit - if good at the waist they are too short to be worn with heels. This cotton pair at Net-A-Porter would probably fit correctly (based on the measurements given), but even at 40% off, they are not within my wardrobe budget. Plus, I'm not much of a dry clean only kind of girl. Imagine my utmost delight when I found the vintage pair that I am sporting below at a mere fraction of the cost, literally, at 1/100 the sale price of the other pair. Price aside, they are a machine washer friendly polyester blend. Polyester gets a lot of grief, but it really holds color beautifully and maintains a pleat while being wrinkle resistant. 

I paired them with a simple black v-neck tee and basic accessories to keep the look modern - I don't want to look like I fell off the time machine somewhere between 1975 and 1976! What do you think? How would you style these pants?


Now maybe you are wondering why I bothered to bring up the Net-A-Porter pair of pants in the first place. Other than to brag, that is. I did so, because beyond the benefits of high waisted pants, I want this post to impart to you a lesson about thrifting. Let's call the lesson: See outside the store. This is the key to recognizing the brag worthy finds! If something catches your eye in the Goodwill, close those eyes and envision it elsewhere. Forget about the unglamorous racks of used clothing and picture it with a pair of killer heels, or your favorite jeans. If you can imagine yourself wearing it with swagger in your walk and a glint in your eye, it's probably a keeper. It might even give Net-A-Porter a run for its money...


  1. LOVE this look, Mary! I like the modern look you have going on here, and I would also try pairing it with a lighter, chiffon-esque top, with a tie collar or something like that....maybe cream? The trench is killer with them, though. LOVE.

    ~ Mona

    1. Thank you, Mona! I agree about the top! I actually have semi sheer one that has a collar and is a partial button down, very very dark navy, almost black, that I wore with these pants for my anniversary last week. Maybe I'll get a pic of that when the shirt is clean (I just wore it last night, too)!. Thanks again for reading and commenting; I enjoy each comment so much!


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