Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Wore - Christmas Edition

You may have noticed the sparsity of posts in the last ten days. I was busy relaxing with my family in Indiana, and celebrating my birthday, Jesus', and the beginning of a new year. Now I'm back...

Yes, yes, I fully realize that it is January 2, and it's a bit late for a What I Wore Christmas Edition.  The lovely Grace, however, has by the power vested in her set the link up to remain open for another 300 odd days and I couldn't resist. As per usual, these are reenactments in the living room with little H taking the pics. 

Since I'm joining Camp Patton, I'll give your imagination a rest and oblige with a few more outfit details than usual:

Red shirt dress: Old Navy
Oxblood patent leather heels: Jones New York
Pearl studs: Christmas gift from the husband

What do you think?


  1. Love!!! Absolutely gorgeous, and I approve of the different reds! :)


  2. Love your dress, Mary! And happy birthday!

  3. You look lovely, Mary! Love the dress!

    1. Not too shabby for old navy clearance, huh?!

  4. WOW, simply stunning. Your beauty leaves me speechless.

  5. Nice legs! Sorry if that sounds inappropriate, but I just can't help but notice your calf muscle definition!


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