Monday, April 22, 2013

One Thing, Two Ways

If you read the post on capsule wardrobes, you will remember that being able to wear an item multiple ways is absolutely key. Today I want to show you a piece that wasn't on my wardrobe plan, but has turned out to be a great purchase - the cape sweater. I don't even know if that is the right name for this light, soft, loose piece of goodness, but we'll go with it.  

I found this sweater when I was last minute searching the thrift store for something, anything to wear on Easter (I don't really do pastels, so I wanted a no-investment piece of pastel... I ended up with this). While obviously not pastel, the sweater caught my eye for several reasons: it's grey (fits right in to my color story), the fabric is very nice, and it was new with tags. I purchased it, thinking it would be a great piece to set aside for my next pregnancy, whenever that is. The cut is so forgiving to the belly area, and would be really flattering during the first and fourth trimesters. Also, nursing would be a cinch in this top because of the loose bottom hem.

But... I've started wearing it around. And I'm not pregnant. There are so many ways it works. In the first outfit, I've layered it over a basic grey sheath dress. Usually I like a little more definition around the waist, but something about this just works. I think it may be that the drape of the top gives the look elegance. 

For the second outfit, I paired it with a basic pair of jeans and some platform (though nearly flatform) sandals. The fitted cut of the pants balances the looseness of the top, and the sandals add a little interest to an otherwise very basic outfit. Indulge me for a minute (oh wait, you already are... ); I love these sandals. I found them on the clearance rack at JCPenny's in December. For $6. They're not leather (you know how I love my leather), but they are super comfortable, and I don't know, somehow just right.

Though I have only shown it two ways (there is an end to a four year old's patience when taking pictures), I could have paired it with white shorts and white leather sandals, flowy linen pants or a casual short (not too short, don't worry) white skirt.

Since this piece is so great, I've been looking around for similar tops to recommend to you. This one is similar, but there are only two left and I'm always suspicious of "One Size." I also found this one when doing a Google image search; it turned out to be $795. Though flattered that I have such elite taste, taste doesn't pay the bills, so I have a third recommendation. If you are interested in finding a similar style top, search on ebay for "poncho cape," "poncho sweater," "cape sweater," or "oversized sweater."
There are lots of reasonably priced options in every size and color. Good shopping!

Have you purchased anything that has unexpectedly turned out to be a staple?

Outfit #1 : Sweater: LOFT Ann Taylor via Goodwill // Wool Sheath: Banana Republic // Tote: Banana Republic // Heels: Jones New York

Outfit #2: Sweater: LOFT Ann Taylor via Goodwill // Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar // Sandals: Nicole Miller

Since I did wear Outfit #1 to Mass the last two Sundays - don't judge, different parishes - I think it's fair to link up with What I Wore Sunday. Go check out some other outfit inspiration!


  1. I really love it with jeans! Good call. :)

  2. Dang, I sent it from my husbands google account by accident. I really need to figure out how to leave a proper comment. -Diana Anderson

    1. Too funny, Diana! I wondered who this new reader Boombots was!

  3. Oooh - I love this both ways!! Great sweater and GREAT sandals!!

  4. I really like the sweater, esp. the cut of the sleeves :)

  5. Gorgeous as always!! I have thought alot about the 7 (7, right?) piece wardrobe you've mentioned and am so looking forward to doing that!!


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