Monday, May 20, 2013

18-19 May


For all of last weekend's barometric fury, this weekend was sunny skies and warm breezes; for all of last weekend's hither and thither bustle for graduations and maternal holidays, this weekend was slow paced relaxing. We stayed close to home and made the most of the weather, catching up on yard work, busting out the kiddy pool and assorted water toys we had tucked away for the winter. 

That's H up there, pausing from play long enough to do a ballerina pose for the camera. We ate cherries outside and the kids spit the pits on the ground. The husband grilled and I had some time to relax. I couldn't put down A Canticle for Leibowitz, but as per my usual I'll hold my comments 'til the end (really a page turner, though).  On Sunday night we watched Bernie. It was enjoyable and not as dark as I expected. But strange. Definitely strange....

And that last pic. I don't know why but I feel kind of self conscious including it. Anyways, H snapped it, and I like it, so there it is. That's my warm weather go to tank for this year, because I'm sure you care. Now I'll let you get back to your busy Monday!


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