Friday, June 7, 2013

A Pregnant Lady Eats

If you asked me what I've been up to lately, I'd have to say eating. And eating. And eating. If you've been pregnant you probably know that eating is the best way to stave off nausea, even if one doesn't feel like eating. Since I'm doing so much of it, I thought, why not write about it? And since it's Friday, let's make it a Quick Takes. Today's other post option was a random quick takes, which probably would have involved the travails of getting my son to stop pooping in his underwear during nap time, amongst other things that I mainly want to forget about. So let's go with this.

First off, I've been really thirsty, but gulping down water makes me feel nauseous. So I've been enjoying lots of fresh fruit. I read somewhere that the natural enzymes in pineapple aid in digestion, which slows down during pregnancy and is believed to be one source of those nauseous feelings. I'll try anything. It could be in my head, but I think it makes a difference.

Also for the thirst, I love sparkling water with citrus. This is also my go to when people are enjoying a beer or cocktail, and I'm feeling a bit sad for le me. Le sigh.

Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt. This has been one food that I have loved throughout each of my pregnancies. I eat it first thing in the morning, and if I wake hungry in the night (yes, that happens). Fage Total (plain and full fat) with some fruit jam is my favorite, but I don't discriminate - Chobani, store brands, if you've got it, I'll eat it. And guess what, you fellow Western New Yorkers, when you buy Fage and Chobani (amongst many other brands), you are buying local!

I have consumed coffee during all of my pregnancies, within reason, of course. My OB even recommended that I do so as a safe way of combatting my pregnancy headache problems. I won't take the space to explain how caffeine helps headaches, but if you are curious you can look here for more info. My coffee tastes do change during pregnancy. When not gestating, I grind espresso roast beans to use in my drip maker. The coffee is dark, and the coffee is strong. Lately I have been enjoying a medium roast prepared in the Bodum press, and then mixed with plenty of hot milk - café au lait.

I try to eat healthy foods most of the time, but ice cream is my ultimate comfort food. Lately, much of it has been in the form of Klondike bars, since my husband bought me the 24 pack. Yes, such a thing exists. 

And not pictured, the Fat Albert of the vegetable world, the avocado. If we have them in the house, I will eat multiple avocados a day. Don't do the fat gram math on that one; it's scary. I slice them in half, pour on a little lemon juice, give it a pinch of salt, and then consume both halves. 

Lots of protein, also not pictured, because my photography skills aren't up to making refried beans look good.  Throughout the day I eat lots of nuts, eggs, beans, refried beans, and cheese, separately and in various combinations. Oddly enough, I haven't been craving meat all that much; otherwise, I would be eating more of that.

And there you have it. Because I'm sure your mind was enquiring. What are your favorite pregnancy foods? Tell us about it, and link up with Katrina!



  1. Love this! All this food makes me want to get pregnant again. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear how you are going to dress your bump!

  2. Pineapple is one of my pregnancy staples - I eat cans and cans of it during the first trimester!

  3. I love this post!!! I'm going to grab pineapple ASAP, I'm also endulging in lots of ice cream, and Greek yogurt is sounding real good to me right this second. I'll be back to this one one, two, probably more than three times before this babe is out. :)

  4. All of that sounds amazing. I've been buying pineapple since I was 38 weeks pregnant. It has been so incredibly delicious, and now that I'm breastfeeding and thirsty every second of the day, it's become a nice alternative to water!
    And icecream is my comfort food, too :). I want to try making my own this summer, with raw milk!

  5. I am not, and have not yet been, pregnant, but I am magnetized towards avocados too, esp. if I haven't been eating or sleeping well. It's like they are there for you to tell you everything will be okay :)

  6. You have a sort of "signature" look to your blog photos. Even your Klondike bars look classy. ;-) Hope you get a reprieve from the nausea soon.

  7. I feel like we could be pregnancy eating twins! I have been all about the avocados and the citrus seltzer the whole time! I also have been eating a lot of hard-boiled eggs for protein and just because I like them...currently, it's the only form of egg I can stomach!

  8. Very important for the mother to prepare a Pregnancy Diet chart for herself. The mothers are advised to follow the diet during pregnancy..thanks for sharing the information through your post...

  9. Thank you for linking up! You are much healthier than I am :) Normally I love avocados, but when I am pregnant they are just okay to me. I still eat them though!


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