Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Look Expensive: The Rule of Three

You may remember that some time ago we talked about fashion personality. You may also remember that one of the generically defined personality types is "Classic." I just want to clarify so there isn't any confusion in terms: Our goal here is not to transform your personality into the Classic type, but to help you be the classiest version of yourself. In fact, if you haven't done the fashion personality exercise, I recommend that you hop over to that post. To be the best version of your self, you first need to find out who you are!

That being said, I'm about to lay it on you, the first guideline of many, in no particular order, of "looking expensive." This guideline is about how to put colorful outfits together while keeping it classy, because patterns and color take more thought than going monochromatic. But that's obvious, so here it is...

THE RULE OF THREE COLORSIn the creation of an outfit, use three colors. A pattern counts as one "color." If you want more color, add it via a  non-foundational element, such as small pair of earrings. 

Why is this a good guideline, you say? To the human eye, there is something pleasing about things in three's. Limiting something to three gives it a look that it is unified enough to be visually cohesive, and therefore the mind can wrap around the "concept" of the outfit. Yet three is diverse enough to create visual interest, and "contrast excites the intellect."

image via  // Jenna Lyons via // Miroslava Duma via

Do I sound crazy? Put it to the test. Open your eyes to the outfits around you that just seem to "work." You'll notice this "rule" on the runway, in the best of the street style images, in celebrity style, and lookbooks. And awesome plus side? You can get started with this one right away, using the items already in your wardrobe!


  1. Love this! After having baby I lost the baby weight and then some, and building a wardrobe for a SAHM (for me) needs to be low budget as its just going to get bodily fluids and food on it! Will definitely be taking your advice to the store :)

    1. I hear you! Thanks for reading, and commenting!

  2. I'm definitely going to try this!


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