Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Hot Day Go-To


By now summer is in full swing in most places. We got off to a slow start here in Buffalo, but in the past week we've had a bit of a humid heat wave. This maxi dress is one of my go-to's when it gets hot, hot, hot. Below is how you'll find it most days, with flat sandals, minimal accessories, and a casual updo. Soft, comfy, cool, and forgiving to my expanding baby bump. 

Dress: thrifted (no tags) // Sandals: Steve Madden (no longer available, similar here) // Bag: Banana Republic Kristen Tote // Bump: One baby at 12 weeks and lots of this

Maxi dresses are also great candidates for dressing up, especially this one, because of its simple cut and color. I have some pendant earrings that verge on the ridiculous (because of their length) that are begging to be paired with this dress. It would also look great with a statement necklace and/or some bangles. Now I just need somewhere to go...

What is your go-to when things start to heat up? I'm especially curious about you other pregnant mamas!


  1. Skirts and dresses, shorts and tees, whatever fits over the bump! Last summer I was so ginormous with the twins that I had only one maxi dress that was my go-to. This summer will be a lot different!
    P.S. You look so great Mary!!!

  2. You are so cute!!!! Love love love this dress on you! And your 4th bump is impressively tiny!

  3. You look lovely. I was mid-pregnancy in summer of 2011. I wore mainly elasticized, drawstring-waist linen pants from Target . . . they shrunk length-wise in the wash . . . still wore 'em. It was a really ugly summer. _Where were you when I needed you, Mary_??? ;-)

  4. You look amazing, Mary! I fully plan on wearing maxis as often as I can this pregnancy! (or until the chilly months;).



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