Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Favorites

If you are like me, undergarment purchases can be kind of hit and miss. Sometimes blind luck means you happen on something amazing, and other times, uncomfortable fail. Today I want to share with you some of the products that I like and have found to meet particular needs very well.

I bought this bra earlier in the summer because I needed something to wear with some dresses that have wider arm holes, and/or  unusual straps that make wearing a regular bra impossible. This bra really stays put, and gives a nice smooth appearance under a variety of tops. Keep in mind when purchasing a   bra that the majority of the support should come from the band. To get the proper size, choose one that feels snug on the biggest of the three clasp settings. As the bra stretches from use and wear, you then have the option to go down to the next clasp, and then the next, to maintain optimal fit for the greatest amount of time.

Don't be thrown by the fact that this item has the word "juniors" in its name. I didn't realize that it was categorized that way until I looked it up online. I picked mine up on a whim at the local Wal-Mart, where they sell for $5 individually and come in black and white (not the turquoise double pack shown in the online link). Super duper comfortable, perfect for sleeping. For emphasis purposes, let me just say that this is the most comfortable bra item I have ever worn. 

These are my favorite underwear ever - comfortable, durable, not panty line prone. Even better, the product claim of "no wedgies" is true and justified. Just trust me, get some. 

I've mentioned these tanks before. Though they have a bra shelf I always wear mine with a strapless bra. I bought them before I was pregnant and found them a bit bunchy because of the length (so, best for tucking). It turns out that they have been perfect for first and now second trimester wear  (I'm currently 15 weeks and they fit similarly to some Motherhood Maternity Tanks I own). At $3.97-$6 the price is unbeatable for casual wear / layering. 

Swimsuits with Shirring and/or Ruching

I have the one piece pictured above, in a deep purple. I purchased it on clearance at Target several years ago, so unfortunately it is no longer available. Not all is lost; Target currently does have several similar items that are worth a look. You also may have seen a really similar Wal-Mart (!) option that has recently shown up on Ain't No Mom Jeans. What's so great about shirring and ruching? Well.... These sewing techniques create a really flattering profile for the tummy, and are especially great if you are post-partem. Also, though my suit wasn't marketed this way, it seems to have some Spanx-like magic going on. I don't know, check 'em out and see what you think.

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  1. Really...this is awesome. I'm so glad you shared this post! I want them all. I think I actually may get one of those strapless (or not) bra. Cheers, Mary! x.


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