Monday, September 9, 2013

7- 8 Sept


Happy Monday, everyone! Unlike my children, this Weekend Diaries is getting up a little later than usual. And I don't have the regular collage to share with you... I didn't take a single pic all weekend long (unless you count the two I shared on Instagram)! But I didn't come empty handed. People always like to see pregnant ladies progressing, right? I'm about 22, 23ish weeks. I think.

This is what I wore Sunday, a non-maternity shift dress, belted to make the fit seem more natural. I've been belting a lot of my regular dresses as my curves get curvier. If you try this tactic, just be careful that the girls are getting plenty of support (to keep them high), and that the difference between the front and back hem isn't made too drastic by the extra belly real estate.
Dress: NY&Co // Shoes: Etienne Aigner // Belt: ?
All in all, the weekend was good. Despite the cold, rainy weather on Saturday, we ventured out to the SPCA petting zoo. The kids loved it, of course, and the price - free, was right. I was left with one question, though. Two of the biggest animals in the "zoo" are full grown sows, who also happen to be up for adoption. The Indiana farm girl in me inquires, who would "adopt" an 800 pound pig for any purpose other than consumption? And secondarily, does the SPCA do follow up visits on adoptees to make sure that all is well? As I tried to ask my husband these things, he shushed me, fear written all over his face that we would be SPCA blacklisted... 

This weekend was also the annual church festival at St. Mary and St. Moses Coptic Orthodox Church. My husband and I have been wanting to go since we moved to Buffalo, but we didn't make it until this year. Despite the fact that the parish is made up of only 20 families (!), plus visiting college students, they outdid themselves in food and hospitality. For the unfamiliar, the Coptic Church comprises the majority of the Christian minority in Egypt, and has suffered much in the recent months. Please continue to keep them in your prayers, as well as the whole of the Near East.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much our ordinary. A movie on Friday night, Olympus Has Fallen. I hope no hostiles view this flick, for fear of them getting the wrong idea about how super easy it is to attack our capitol and take both president and White House hostage. The implausibility of it all gave the husband and I a good laugh, so I can recommend it on that level. What else? Household stuff. Mass and the start of religious ed for our oldest. Football on Sunday. I hate to jump the gun, but feels like fall is here!


  1. Your third to last sentence cracks me up, Mary, considering my post title. The world is sending the message that it is fall. And, you are looking fabulous, by the way!

  2. You look incredible! Love that dress on you and your cute baby!

  3. How do you look so good pregnant? I look terrible all over pregnant.

    Our weekend - soccer and not much else. Organizing the house and trying to plan how/when to finish our kitchen work.

  4. THank you for the kind words, ladies!


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