Friday, September 6, 2013

The Other Project

I mentioned the other day that I had another little project I've been working on. The sitting area on our porch has been getting me down. It may be difficult to see in the first photo, but the white chairs were very stained and scuffed, as were the seat cushions (from little feet ). The metal table top had some rust and was not what you would call bright white. The fern on the ledge was out of control and inhibited arm movements if one attempted to eat or work at the table. And the whole look? Not bad, but bland.

I wanted something that felt fresh and clean. Something that could be easily cleaned and minimally stained by my children. I wanted a place to drink my coffee and read in peace and serenity. So I started thinking...

On a whim I picked up two cans of Krylon Fusion for Plastic in Red Pepper ($3.97/can on sale at the local hardware store), and set to work. The process could not have been easier. First, I lightly sanded the rust spots on the table top. Then I washed all three pieces with some warm soapy water and a loofah (loofahs are perfect for this sort of job because they create a little bit of friction, dry quickly, and can easily be reused). Then I rinsed with the hose and let them dry in the sun. Now for the real business!

I found an old plastic drop clothe in the basement and spread that out in the driveway, so I wouldn't have to worry about staining the concrete. With this particular paint, there is no priming required, so I jumped right in. As it only takes 15 minutes of drying before a second coat can be applied, I was able to do two coats on each piece by cycling through the three pieces. The paint dries to the touch in one hour, and complete chip resistance takes seven days to fully develop. Two coats on each piece provided really good coverage. When I pull them out in the spring I will probably give each one more coat, just to get that really finished look and cover any chips that occur during storage.

To complete things, I found a hanging basket in the shed for the fern, and hung it to the right of the sitting area. I replaced it with a tidier, yet still substantial potted sage plant that gives off a nice smell. I took these pics at several different times, so the red looks slightly different because of the lighting. It really is true to the color on the can cap, probably most accurately represented in the first and last photos. What do you think? I think, for under ten bucks, this project is definitely a winner! And now I'm addicted to spray painting things...


  1. Yes! I need to do this. I had no idea spray paint for plastic even existed!

  2. love it. It looks great, seriously! We need a little table for our front porch, I'll have to look at the thrift store for something I can paint.

    1. Thank you! This is a great time of year to find outdoor furniture. We actually got that table new 2 or 3 years ago at the end of the season. Cost? $5!!!

  3. Lovely! I wonder if there's anything similar for indoor furniture. I sanded and refinished our dining table (before Girl2 and even then it took me months). It's looking sad already and I'm not going through that whole process again.

  4. It looks lovely!! Now the only challenge is finding the peace and quiet to enjoy it. :)


  5. You are really good at decorating and coordinating. I thought that the before picture was the after until I scrolled down ...


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