Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pregnancy Style Tip #37: Pursue Ponte

What is ponte, you say? Ponte (pronounced "pon-tee") is a double knit fabric that can be composed of various materials in different ratios. Some common components are cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, and spandex.

And why should you pursue it? Well, it has some great characteristics, especially for the childbearing body. It is slightly structured, it has a bit of stretch, it resists wrinkles, holds color, wears well, is of medium weight, and most importantly... it is oh so figure flattering! The combination of give, structure, and fabric weight works perfectly to disguise those bumps and bulges we all (pregnant or not) know too well.

My first experience of of ponte was actually this dress, which isn't maternity, but I was able to wear well into this pregnancy. And then, about four weeks ago, I found the Gap Maternity dress you see me "modeling" (smile) below.  You might be questioning whether I am the best source on bump and bulge management because, admittedly, pregnancy isn't too unkind to me. But. But. I do have scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) and all that thickening that occurs in the middle accentuates the differences in my hips and makes me look lumpy and lopsided.

The Outfit: Dress: Gap Maternity ("new with tags" from a local consignment shop, but there are lots of similar options on ebay) // Black Tights: Target // Angora Snood: DIY here // Bracelet: DIY here
So next time you are shopping, pregnant or not, do a little search for "ponte" and see what you find. Okay, and I can't help but pointing out a couple of cute finds. This ponte skirt dress from Gap (take 40% off today only with the code SWEET16), this classy Liz Lange dress, perfect for dressing up or down, and for those of you who can't get enough stripes, this super steal from Merona


  1. Nice smile in that third pic. I, too, didn't get too large with prenancy, but scoliosis was (is) a problem for me, too. Especially in the back pain department! I second your ponte rec.

  2. Very cute, I love the cowl! And that Gap white/grey dress is amazing.


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