Monday, November 11, 2013

9-10 November

              WEEKEND DIARIES

This weekend wasn't anything special. Saturday we cleaned the yard, and packed away outside toys and lawn furniture.  Just in time for the snow that might come this week.

Sunday was Mass and religious ed, football, and favorite Sunday night shows. All in all, uneventful, which was actually great after last weekend's flu fest, but not the best fodder for a blog post...

So I'm going to share another round of meals, because when all else fails - food. Am I right?

Red Cabbage with Lime and Cilantro // Filipino Chicken Adobo 

Chicken Tortilla Soup // Grocery Store "Take & Bake" Ciabatta Bread

Our best laid plans were a bit thrown by nearly a week of the stomach flu, but we're back on the meal planning, grocery list making bandwagon.  Since we're still in the beginning stages of this whole endeavor, I'm trying to find new recipes that can become family favorites. If you have any favorites that your family loves, please feel free to share here or on the FaceBook page!

Here we go:

Chicken Tortilla Soup  (good, but I used a little too much of the chili in adobo, and it was HOT) // Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Shrimp Tacos (this recipe, except lemon and parsley replaced by lime and cilantro) // Red Cabbage with Lime and Cilantro (I used the linked recipe, but added much more cilantro)

Red Beans and Rice (Zatarain's Reduced Sodium Mix with 1/2 lb cooked ham added) // Fresh Veggies

Filipino Chicken Adobo (really tasty, pretty quick, very rich - perfect for Sunday dinner!) // Rice // Roasted Carrots

Cuban Picadillo // Rice // Tostones (we haven't tried this meal yet, but hasn't disappointed in the past)

Ricotta Calzones with Tomato Sauce (except I'm using frozen pizza dough from a farmer's market vendor) // Side Salad

Tuna Melts on Ciabbata // Fries // Fresh Veggies


  1. Ooh, those food photos and the recipes all look so good! Especially as I've fallen off the meal-planning wagon myself. I've managed to cook meals most nights from a line-up of old favorites . . . but I'm hoping to get motivated and start planning ahead more and adding some more variety.

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  3. Mary, these all look so good! I made this recipe last night with green beans and everyone loved it, including Jack who normally does not eat tomatoes : )

    Bruschetta Chicken (I never put garlic or onion in the bruschetta, I don't think you can improve on tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, salt, balsamic and olive oil!)

    thanks for the recipe ideas!!!

    1. That looks so good, Sarah! I'm definitely adding it to the rotation!

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