Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Easiest Kitchen DIY. Ever.

As you may have garnered from previous posts, I usually only attempt the easiest of DIY projects. This fact is part personality, part current situation - so many little helping hands. I might skip the DIY altogether, except I love that high that comes from using my creativity, and turning "nothing" into something. So here's a cheap high for you...

The unique dish soap dispenser! All you need is a wine, liquor, or large beer bottle, and a liquor pour spout. Drink up, or if this isn't your style, visit the local beverage store and choose a bottle from the empties that have been returned for recycling. Our local stores will usually charge the deposit fee (5 cents/bottle) and give you as many as you like (Don't worry, I'm not a teetotaler - far from it! We get empties in bulk when we are bottling our own beer).  If you like the label on the bottle, keep it, if not, soak the bottle in a baking soda / water solution and it should come right off.

Pour spouts are available in chrome and a multitude of colors online here for a buck or two apiece. They can also be had in sets of 6-12 on Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, or party stores. I think it's worth it to buy the set. Spouts can always be used for their intended purpose if you are serving liquor at a party, or if you want to make another dispenser as a gift (a great item to tuck into a housewarming gift basket). 

Now, fill with dish soap, place beside the sink, and tuck away that ugly plastic Palmolive bottle!


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