Monday, January 27, 2014

25-26 January


Despite the snow, wind, and freezing temperatures - that ménage à trois that begets only cabin fever, insanity, and multi-car pileups, we are surviving. Actually better than just surviving. And I'm shocked. I had prepared myself for the worst. When we brought our third child home two Januarys ago, it was rough. When V was only five days old, our nearly two year old busted through a baby gate and accidentally landed on her, gate and all. We wouldn't find out until the next day that her only injury was a broken femur. I never thought I would be speaking prayers of gratitude that my infant had only a broken femur.

But so far, so good. Edmond is the sweetest baby, peaceful and calm, and gaining weight like a champ. The other three have accepted him with utter love and affection, especially the youngest, who, heretofore, had been aggressively possessive to an extreme degree. Though my pregnancy glow is gone (and so is my taut belly), I feel pretty good. And I'm trying to remain positive that with time and vitamins and sleep all things will right themselves. 

So that's how it is. Because it was too cold with the wind chill to go out with the little ones, we spent the weekend doing small indoor things. I made pancakes with my early riser on Saturday. My boys replaced all the old smoke detectors and then some. We thawed some cookie dough leftover from Christmas and the kids went to town with rolling pins and cookie cutters. I turned a blind eye to the 'cookie to dough' deficit that became apparent as the process wound down. The kids watched TV, possibly quite a bit. And I refuse to feel guilty about it.

How was your weekend?

P.S. I've been a little out of the internet / blogging loop these past weeks, but I've been totally honored  by being nominated for a Sheenazing Award in the categories of Best Blog by a Mom and Best Lifestyle Blog. If you feel so moved, please head on over and cast a vote in this direction!

P.P.S. Also, I highly recommend that you check out Jenny's "Wellness Project." Postpartum or not, it's worth a look!


  1. I recently found your blog, Mary. I love your photography! And what a sweet little addition you have. Congratulations!

  2. You're back. Edmund is a gorgeous little boy. So alert! Looking forward to hearing more as you settle in.

  3. I am so happy the transition has been going smoothly! Edmond is a beautiful little boy and I am so glad the older kiddos have welcomed him so sweetly. :) PS That pancake with peanut butter looks so good right now. What recipe do you use?

    1. Thank you, Diana! Yes, I'm happy, too, God has had mercy on us!

      As for the pancakes, I used a buttermilk mix, but I added some whole oats for good measure and a little extra water. I also dropped a generous amount of very ripe banana (mashed) onto the batter right after I poured it into the hot skillet. That's a little trick my sis in law taught me; the banana almost carmelizes as the pancake cooks... So tasty!

  4. Welcome back, Mary! We've had over a week of sub-freezing (and often sub-zero) temps here. It's given me a taste of what it must be like for you guys all winter long. Netflix for the win!


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