Friday, January 31, 2014

Feathering a Nest

I recently got an email from a representative at the online home decor retailer One Kings Lane. No, they didn't want to give me free stuff (too bad, because they have awesome stuff!), but they did want to share with me a guide they had put together called Creating a Comfortable Nursery. In addition to this information, the rep asked if I would share little Edmond's nursery in a blog post, and discuss any ways in which the guide had inspired me. Well...

Here's the thing: Edmond doesn't have a nursery. He has a little corner in my kind of little bedroom. And this is the way it will be for at least the first six months of his life. We've used the Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper for each of our children, and it's nice to have the little hungry one, you know, within arm's reach.  

And, until I received that email, I hadn't done anything to change the space other  than set up the sleeper. But the email and the guide got me thinking. Why not make the space a little more special, make a temporary change or two to celebrate this new little life that we love so dearly?

So that's what I did. The One Kings Lane guide focuses on themes, accents, and comfort, specifically in the choice of chair (of which they have sundry gorgeous options available for purchase). Decisions, decisions: ought one go with a rocker, a glider, perhaps even a recliner?

Since this is the master bedroom we're dealing with, I didn't want to go too 'themey.' Rather, I chose to stay true to my love of clean lines (the first pic is the before), but with a bit more color, warmth and just a touch of joie de vivre. The accents I added were few - some items on the walls above the co-sleeper, homemade paper bunting, and a soft fleece throw on the bed, so I interspersed red and other bright colors to give them greater impact. I also chose items that would give texture without subtracting space. The mixed media wall hangings include framed embroidery, felt, and photographs, and a child's Rosary. In addition, the placement of the artwork and bunting draw the eye upward, making the room seem larger. 

Unfortunately, because space is so limited in the room, I'm unable to have traditional nursery seating.  However, I do have a bit of space. I'm on the lookout for something that has a small silhouette, and  would provide a comfortable place to sit when I need to be upright in order to stay awake for nursing. Any suggestions, One Kings Lane?

The Details:
  • Homemade Brown Paper Bunting - originally made to decorate the Christmas tree
  • Super Soft Red Fleece Throw - post-Christmas clearance... $2!
  • "Welcome to the World" Wall Art - handmade by a friend (so gorgeous, the picture doesn't do it justice)
  • "E" Monogram - printed using "Hoefler Text" font in Pages for Mac
  • Black and White Images - some favorites that we had on hand
  • Red Heart - cut out of a scrap of felt, then framed
  • Blue Rosary - one of the many floating around the house

What do you think?


  1. Ah Mary it's so sweet. Love the bunting.

    1. Thank you, Martha! You have great taste, so if you like it...

  2. SO cute! The bunting is a really nice accent, and all of it makes a special spot for the baby-babe without being overwhelming or taking up too much space. We use the same co-sleeper...maybe next time around I'll make the space more special too. Great tips :)
    ...and One King's Lane should send you some free stuff ;)

  3. Love the changes! And, I love the idea of doing (decorating) something special for the new little one. :)

  4. Beautiful! I esp like the "Welcome to the World" piece.

  5. I love it! A nice little corner for your little boy, and the rest of the room is lovely, too!

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  7. That's the same co-sleeper that I've been looking at registering for :) I love how you made that cute corner for baby. We aren't planning to have a nursery right away either, so this is a great idea!


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