Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These Pants: A Love Song

I love these pants

Why?  Let me count the ways... 

First, the cut. Slim, but not too slim. Waist not super low. Hemmed just above the ankle. All in all a fresh and current look.

Second, they are versatile; they go great with flats, heels, loafers, tall boots. This fact makes them a perfect winter-to-spring transition piece. And they can run the range of casual to dressed up.

Third, the fabric. It has a degree of stretch that is both flattering and comfortable. Machine washable wrinkle resistant, and quick drying. I want to take a trip to Europe just so I can pack these pants. Also,  I have washed my pair about six times and they look just like they did the day I purchased them (no small feat for an item from Old Navy). 

Fourth, they are inexpensive. At full price only $34.95, I paid a mere $25. Today I clicked on the website and a 30% off code popped up immediately.

Fifth, the variety. Currently I only have the black (black is sort of my thing), but they come in eleven colors and patterns. Eleven.

And before I bid you adieu, I want to say one quick thing about the sizing. It's messed up. And by that I mean really inconsistent. I was one size in a blue pair, and a different in the black. So if you check these out, try on several pairs, and don't let it ruin your day if you don't end up with the size you expected.

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  1. You look awesome in those! Love them:)

  2. Well you totally rock those pants, you look fantastic!

  3. Such cute pants, Mary. You look great!

  4. Just discovered your blog - it's great, and I love those pants also! I have a patterned pair and debated picking up the black also - debate over - thank you!

    Just a question - I've noticed the big trend is looser-fitting tees and tops - but you look polished and chic in the more tailored top in the photo. Is tailored still in then - or at least classic enough to stick with - I love my tailored tees and sweaters, but was starting to wonder if they looked dated. Thanks for any advice on this one!

  5. Hi Barkla, I'm glad you found the blog! I notice from your profile that you're in Toronto - we're basically neighbors by blog world standards!

    Anyway, regarding your question. My philosophy is that a woman should dress primarily to suit her body type and personality, and then secondarily follow trends. If you like tailored (like I do : ), I say go for it, and like you mentioned, tailored is one of those things that is so classic that its always cool.

    I think people would be amazed if they knew how old some of the items are that I wear regularly (the coat in the pic is probably getting retired this year because it is starting to show wear, but it is 8 years old! I would buy the exact same coat again if I could find it!)! They are good quality and thus have held up really well. Also, the more basic the top in color and cut, the more likely it is to have staying power. I hope that helps!

  6. Thank you so much Mary - that makes me feel much more confident!

    Yes - we are almost neighbours for sure. We travel from Buffalo often and have noticed Buffalo folks as a group are probably the nicest we've ever come across :) Thanks again!


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