Monday, April 14, 2014

12-13 April


So what's new? Things are definitely warming up here. Until it starts snowing tomorrow. But let's not dwell on that because this weekend was beautiful, perfect, really.  I even have a slight burn/tan on [only] the right side of my body from going to a baseball game on Saturday. My husband has taken to calling me "Braveheart," though Mel's character had more of a blue/white dichotomy going on. But I digress. We took all four kids to see the Bisons play, and met up with this lady and her family. And we took advantage of the $1 popcorn special. Full advantage.

We survived the first of the week's religious events - Hosanna Sunday (or Shanini). I say survived because Mass is always an ordeal for our young family of six. Add in a tradition of more formal dressing (for this day in particular), palms, candles decorated with live flowers, and a procession with children holding said candles, well, I would say survival isn't anything to be scoffed at. I have high hopes for the rest of Holy Week. 

The remainder of the day was spent putzing around the yard. Tidying a bit here and there. Making homemade brownies. These. So phenomenal.

What else? Did you know that there is going to be a blood moon tonight? I plan to get up and check it out. We shall see! 

Take me out to the popcorn. I mean the ballpark.

A trooper at the game, Edmond slept like this or in the stroller almost the whole time.
Do these even need a caption?
Girls and bubbles. Guess who has my skin tone?
Shredded red cabbage, cilantro, lime juice, salt... Yum!

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