Wednesday, June 18, 2014

14-15 June

Better late than never, right? Wow, this week has really gotten away from me! We had Fathers Day. We had a little boy turn four. We had a fiasco at the DMV over a clerical error that occurred three years ago (that is still unresolved - ridiculous bureaucracy). And a baby that's starting to do things that aren't so babyish, like not sleep the day away, and some of the evening and night hours, too!

Nothing stays the same, except change. And maybe possibly this cliche. Have a great week!

"I'm going as fast as a snail!" she shouted with glee.
I've been playing around with cocktail recipes (but you already knew that).
I've got another good one to show you sometime soon.
Baby feet. The toy that never gets lost.
Someone refuses to take naps since she moved out of the crib and into a toddler bed. It's been a rough transition.


  1. We are having the same rough crib to bed transition here. Caught him sleeping on the floor, too! Kids are so funny!

    1. Yes, they are! I'm so relieved when she falls asleep like this, otherwise we are in for an afternoon/evening of emotional misery!

  2. So sweet. Love these pictures. . . . Your mention of a DMV fiasco reminds me of my ongoing IRS issue: when I try to file online, they bounce it back to me saying my SSN and birthdate don't match. (Um, no, they're both the same I've always had.) I mail it in: no problem (except that I mistyped my Girl 2's SSN. Argh.) But I never had this problem until the one time, a few years ago, I had a CPA do our taxes. Between this new headache AND the outright errors he made, I now go it alone . . . paper filing and all.

    Oops. Sorry to vent!

    Happy birthday to your son!

  3. Those two boys are so sweet, Mary!!!


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