Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Outfit Pics

Today I will be joining Jen again for 7 Quick Takes, with a focus on "outfit pics." Why outfit pics, you say? Well, because it has been on my mind lately for obvious reasons, but also because there has been some chatter about it in blog land. Ever since the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple began hosting What I Wore Sunday (great idea, ladies, by the way),  many people are for the first time taking full length pics and posting them on the web. I offer genuine kudos to you! Maybe because I have only been at this blog business for a few months, each time I take such pics and post them there is a rush of embarrassment and self doubt.

"My face looks weird."

"I'm so awkward."

"People are going to think I'm such a poser."

"Why was I making that expression?"


"Is that how my nose (undereye circles, hair, insert any physical characteristic) really looks?!"

You get my drift. Yet I persist, and do my darndest to make them look the best I can despite the fact that I'm working with an Iphone and a four year old photographer. Since many of you are working under similar constraints, I want to share with you a few things I've learned in the last three months (and here's where the 7 Quick Takes come in):

Silence the inner voice of self-doubt and criticism. 

Avoid straight on pictures. Most of us are widest at the hips and nothing showcases this fact like a picture taken from said angle. Turn slightly to the side and put your hand on your hip. This is the classic red carpet pose for a reason. Thank you, Rachel Zoe, for pointing out the obvious!

Play with other angles and poses. Tilt your head up. Look to the side. Face away from the camera and look over your shoulder. You get the picture (I can't help myself, as usual). Do not feel weird doing this! If you need to, read #1 again!

Take photos while in motion. They look more natural, and that usually means better.

Natural lighting is best.  Take advantage, if possible, of the softer light that occurs earlier in the day, or before sunset. Or find a spot indoors where the strong light of mid day is filtered in a flattering way.

Take lots and lots. More pics equals more possibilities for good pics.

Edit pictures and create a montage of sorts. Have a pic where your face looks weird but everything else looks great? Crop it at the neck (less weird than it sounds). Good face shot, but midsection looks like there is a baby hiding in there (and there isn't)? Sounds like a cropping candidate! Lay accessories on a simple surface and get a close up of those. Now put together a group of photos that tells the whole [outfit] story. 

I will leave you with something my husband said the other day (who I have never discussed this issue with or asked to photograph me because I am too damn self conscious) that put new wind in my picture taking sails:
You know that runway thing you do (translation: take pics of yourself and put them out there for the world to judge)? I'm so proud of you. That's gotta be, well, way out of your comfort zone.
Yes. Yes it is. And that's why I can't stop doing it.


  1. You're so right. Everyone hates doing this, though deep down they want so badly to do it well. Kudos for just addressing the elephant in the room, especially in this world of female bloggers.

    1. Thank you, Martha! And thanks for taking some time to leave feedback! Sometimes it can seem like baring your soul to a void... I guess that's another humbling reality of blogging!

  2. please keep posting your outfit pics...its forcing me to "shop my closet"!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this Mary! I doubt myself all the time and second Martha's comment!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Deme. I always check out your outfit pics - very cute! I really tried to take my own advice very very seriously on Monday's What I Wore post, and despite awful lighting and an impatient picture taker, the pics are some of my faves.


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