Monday, June 17, 2013

15-16 June


Happy Monday, all! I hope that everyone had a great Father's Day weekend! We were really happy that we ended up with some sunshine. We took advantage of it on Saturday by packing up the kids and heading to Niagara Falls. It's only about 15 miles for us and it makes a fun one day adventure. We usually park on the American side and walk across the bridge. You can't beat the stunning views, and customs is usually much quicker on foot. Once on the Canadian side, we walk the Clifton Hill area then head down to the viewing area and munch on snacks we pack, and maybe buy a sweet treat (it's a bit of a tourist trap with $3 bottles of water and the like).

As we strolled past Hard Rock Cafe, there was band playing and it was very loud. Especially the drums. Once we were safely past, H looked at me and said, "Good! That place was giving me eardrums!" Maybe it was unintentional, but I'd like to think that we are raising a little punster. As we tried to return to the States, we had an awkward moment in customs. When the agent asked H who I was, H first answered, "Mary." Then "Mary Boctor." After some pushing, she finally admitted that I was her mom, the correct response to allay any fears that Canadian children were being abducted.

Since I asked for suggestions, you may be wondering what I ended up getting the husband for a Father's Day gift. Well... When I asked him what he wanted, and he said, half jokingly, half serious, "A family pic, where we wear matching clothes."  The next day I received a call from JCPenny photo studio saying that I had won a $300 family package!  D had to use the restroom at the mall the Saturday before and I filled out an entry form as the girls and I waited 20 min for the boys to come out. I was irritated at the wait, but I guess it was all worth it! 

So pics... Up there we have the bridge view, and a view of the Falls from the bridge. And, I didn't want you to think I've been keeping any literary pursuits secret over here; I haven't been reading much the last couple of weeks. I have been reading The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse to the kids at night. I highly recommend it. The author, Thornton Burgess, was a highly recognized naturalist, and his childrens' stories are fun and educational. And my husband just told me that many of Burgess' children books are free on iTunes. Yay!  And that final pic. It's a picture of my husband changing our oldest's diaper when she was a newborn. It's a pic of a pic so the quality isn't the greatest, but do you see the little feet?


  1. Tinga Tinga was such a hit, I'll have to investigate Thornton Burgess.

  2. My husband and I are going to Niagara falls the first week of July! It'll be his first time seeing the falls and we are super excited :)

  3. I love the pic of your husband changing your tiny baby with the little feet, made me all mushy inside

    1. Thanks , Ana, it's one of my favorites!


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