Friday, June 21, 2013

How To Look Expensive: Embrace Neutrals

If you are just joining us on the series How to Look Expensive, let me give you a quick recap (and see here for the previous post). This series is about being the most put together and polished version of yourself, without breaking the bank. So, onward!

Today's bit of wisdom is simple.  Embrace neutrals. Neutrals are great for lots of reasons. They are timeless, anonymous (if you can't afford designer labels this can be a plus), elegant, grown up, and even a bit mysterious. Neutrals are also difficult to mess up. Think of the little black dress. It's popularity has a reason! And for the girl on a budget, neutrals can be mixed and matched with each other, and with the color of the moment, helping to get the most for your wardrobe dollars.

Some chic takes on rocking the neutral. But remember, when thinking neutrals, don't just dream in black and white. You might be best in brown, beige, sand or navy!
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You may hesitate to take my advice on this one, because you don't want to be "boring" or "blah." I am not suggesting that you subtract non-neutral colors from you wardrobe, not at all. But do know your best neutrals, and build your wardrobe from those. And don't be afraid to try an outfit that is all neutrals. No fear ladies, no fear!

Just in case you need a little more convincing, let's do a mental exercise. If I asked you to name some of the 20th century's most stylish women, who would be on your list? I guarantee that Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Jacqueline Kennedy are on the lists of most. These style icons are just three of the many who embraced neutrals and were anything but dull, drab, and boring. In fact, they have come to represent three truly unique ways of being chic.

So next time you are headed out and don't know what to wear, humor me and experiment with a neutral heavy look.

Because I know how much everyone loves visuals, here's a look I wore recently.
LBD: Liz Lange Maternity //Camel clutch: vintage (thrifted)


  1. Mary - sorry - I'm reading old posts again! How did you work out your best neutrals - you seem to go for black, navy and gray - do you do the cool/warm thing? Or just pick what you like? Thx :D


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