Monday, December 9, 2013

7-8 December


How was your weekend? I didn't post on Friday, as you may, or may not, have noticed. Near the end of a hectic day on Thursday we were rear ended in rush hour traffic. A few contractions, and then I felt okay, so I finished out the day. Then on Friday morning, a friend mentioned that I should call the doc "just in case." Well, it turns out that it is standard procedure to be monitored following an accident, even a minor accident. Apparently, when any "belly trauma" occurs there is a possibility of bleeding in the placenta, though the doctor assured me that everything was probably fine.

As I'm sure you other mamas know, it's not always easy to find somebody to mind the kids on short notice in the middle of a weekday. Eventually I found someone, and headed to the hospital. After a couple hours of monitoring the baby's heart rate, a sonogram, and some blood work the verdict was in - everything was fine. And this is exactly what the doctor had predicted, but still, doesn't that anxiety seem to kick into overdrive when related to maternal matters? And that anxiety is physically draining.

Until this weekend, I was feeling on top of things - Christmas preparation, household stuff, the blog. But then, almost more so after the worry was allayed, I just felt tired. And anxious for the first time about other things. Maybe it was the unexpected visit to Labor and Delivery at the hospital, but all of sudden I panicked about not having the co-sleeper set up, the baby's clothes sorted out, my hospital bag packed. Panicked that I don't know what to get my husband for Christmas. Panicked that I haven't done this or that organization project around the house, most of which are centered on the constant in and out shuffle of children's clothing as seasons change and growth occurs.


Yet real. So I just want to ask you to hang in there with me over the next few weeks. I'll try to post as regularly as possible, not because I think you're hanging on my every word, but because I enjoy it. I enjoy interacting with you, and I hope you feel the same. And if things are crazy for you, too,  right now, even if just in your head, remember:



  1. Glad to know you and the baby are well. Take it easy!

  2. Glad you and baby are well. Worry and fear ARE draining--I know that feeling of panic very well! You're in my prayers for a peace-filled week!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! It's greatly appreciated!!!

  3. sorry you had that scare and had to go in for monitoring, glad to hear things are good though. that is exhausting, mentally, even if things are good.

  4. Glad everything was totally fine with the baby! Thank you for the reminder to give my cares to Him and he will bring peace. So true. And, yes, I noticed you didn't post Friday. :)

  5. I am so glad the baby is fine! It can be tough and those scares can be really bad but sometimes they also remind us what is important. I am glad you enjoy posting because I do enjoy reading and it is good to keep up the things that we enjoy!


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