Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Style Edition

Today I will be joining Jen for 7 Quick Takes. Let's just call this "Style Edition."

If your coat has a collar, pop it. It almost always looks better and gives an air of old world mystery.

Try wearing two scarves (so says Ines de la Fressange). When it comes to scarves, a thicker wrap feels more luxurious, so try combining two shorter/lighter complementary scarves (so says me).

If your coat has a belt, don't worry about buttoning, just tie the belt.

Layer pieces with pronounced necklines, such as a collared shirt under a cowl necked sweater, or a half zip pullover.

If you try #4, wear an updo to keep the look sleek and clean.

Borrow something from your husband, such as a scarf or a watch.

Roll the sleeves of your blazer back just a bit to reveal the cuff of your shirt.

See some of these suggestions in action here.

Have a great weekend, and if you are in the mood for more style reads, click the button for a fun style link up!


  1. Big, big fan here of the popped-collar coat. I have a purple swing style with a ruffled collar that I just love! Have a good weekend, Mary!

  2. Sounds super cute, Stephanie! Thanks for commenting!

  3. It is clear that I need some serious coolness lessons! Taking notes....

  4. I think you are probably cooler than you give yourself credit for, Dwija! : )

  5. Yes to #6! In my case, I inherited my dad's watch (a Seiko stem-wound stretch bracelet model) and it's one of my favorite accessories.

    1. I know, I love wearing my husband's Citizen, watch, but unfortunately, so does he!


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